Bunk Bed Vs Loft Bed: Which One Right for You?

Choosing which furniture to purchase in your house can be difficult, mainly because of the current economic situation all across the world. Despite the fact, the market is filled with numerous furniture choices, the space in your room, and obviously, the budget is always going to dictate your decisions. When looking for a multi-purpose piece of furniture either for your kids, you will always lean towards a Bunk Bed Vs Loft Bed. The difference between a loft bed and a bunk bed is worth considering. Even though the functionality of the two types of beds is similar, they have distinct differences. Let’s try and find out which one of the two beds suits you best.

Bunk Bed Vs. Loft Bed: Which One Right for You
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The Difference Between a Bunk Bed and A Loft Bed

A Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is a pair of two frames constructed on top of another, held by four posts that feature either built stairs or a ladder to facilitate the access of the upper bunk. Are bunk beds dangerous? There are several bunk beds in the market. It all depends on your style, material used in the manufacture, and the market price. Also, the size of your room will dictate the type of bunk bed to purchase.

Loft Bed

The structure of a loft bed is almost similar to that of a bunk bed. However, some of its features and price tags are slightly different. It is nearly identical to the ordinary bed only that it is supported by longer posts. Unlike the bunk bed, the bottom is an open space. A larger loft bed may feature storage features built in the frame. 

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Why A Bunk Bed?

Why A Bunk Bed

If you have many children or maybe your kids love when friends come for sleepovers, a Bunk Bed Vs Loft Bed is a natural choice for you. Also, when the bedroom has limited space, the top bunk can be used for storage services. For pricier bunk bed models, the bottom bunks can be extended to accommodate an extra visitor. This type of bed works best for people without additional space for an extra bed. Can you use a bunk bed as a loft bed? It can work for your child in their childhood. There are models made for toddlers and improved models to suit teens or young adults.


●      It’s A Good Floor Saving Option

If your apartment is small and has a relatively large family, a bunk bed is most suitable for you. The foundation offers multiple sleeping spaces for your family members without sacrificing the little floor space in your house. 

●      Available in Various Sizes

As mentioned earlier, bunk beds come in various sizes. Some with extended or changing parts to suit the situation. While some are made to suit the requirement of toddlers, others are made for teens. Later the bunk will be extended to suit taller teens, and the only thing you will be required to change is the mattress. 

●      Multiple Sleeping Spaces

At a minimum, a bunk design bed can accommodate two people. However, the foundation has the option of hosting up to five people. The strength of its posts is appropriately made to hold a large amount of weight. High-end bunk beds have twin platform beds on the upper side of the bed while the bottom has a trundle. 

●      Eradicates The Need for Mattress Combo

Often, finding the correct mattress for your box spring can be quite a hustle. Well, with a bunk bed, you don’t have to go through such hustle since the foundation already has an in-built support system to support the mattress. 


●      Not Suitable for Long-Term Use

Even though the lack of a box spring can be an advantage, the sleeping surface can be hard and, therefore, binding for some people. 

● Only creates sleeping and not storage space

If you intend to save space as well as generate some storage, I would suggest you go for a loft bed instead of a bunk bed. Both the lower and the upper is only designed for sleep. 

Why Choose a Loft Bed?

Why Choose a Loft Bed

There are several similarities between a loft and a bunk bed. However, their differences are distinct. Loft beds are raised beds meant without the secondary bunk below them. Can you put a bed under a loft bed? The bed is suitable for students who might not have extra space to place a study desk. Also, if you are looking for extra space to place a drawer, a loft bed can be suitable for you.”


●      Storage Space

One of the main reasons why most people go for a loft bed is to provide extra space in the room. Well, if your budget allows, you can purchase a loft bed with some already pre-installed drawers. 

●      Comes with Built-In Features

Most loft beds offer the option of buying storage space along with the foundation. While some have a chest of drawers, others have come with a desk already built to the bottom part. 

●      Utilize The Horizontal Space

Due to the raised posts, you can choose to utilize the horizontal space left below the bed. You can decorate the area with a make-up mirror, shoe rack, or anything of your choice.


●      Expensive

Compared to the bunk bed, a loft bed is much costlier. It is because of the extra features available in the bed. 

●      Difficult to make

Only experienced carpenters can construct a loft bed with ease. Considering the risks involved if the bed breaks down, the bed should be made with utmost caution. A good loft bed should have inherent safety hazards. 


Whether it’s the loft or bunk bed, purchasing any of them is a one-time thing. Make sure you are taking home something that suits your needs perfectly. So which one should you buy, well, there is no wrong or right bed to purchase here. It all boils down to which one of the two suits your lifestyle and the size of your bedroom. If you are raising a large family in a small room, the bunk bed suits you. For a student who lives alone in a small apartment, a loft bed suits them most. Consider all the available options, do your research on pricing before making your purchase. When deciding between a Bunk Bed Vs Loft Bed, consider the specific advantages and space-saving features of each to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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