10 Important Things To Consider When Buying the Best Mattress For Platform Bed

10 Important Things To Consider When Buying the Best Mattress For Platform Bed
10 Important Things To Consider When Buying the Best Mattress For Platform Bed

A new mattress is a crucial purchase, and you need to put considerable thought before making a purchase decision. The price ranges from the relatively expensive to the extreme ones, and their differences could be more or less the same. A mattress plays a crucial role in your life, not only when you are asleep but also when you are awake. From preventing chronic ailments to boosting productivity during the day, the right mattress is crucial for your health. Before clicking the “buy now” button, the following things need to be considered so that you make an informed decision, including choosing the best mattress for platform bed that suits your needs.

Consider Your Size

You don’t necessarily need to purchase a mattress that is the same size as the one you currently have. Your replacement mattress should have a small alteration in terms of the scale, which is coupled with other sets of factors. If you had a king-size previously, you can add some spice to your bedroom and save some money by downscaling to a queen or full-sized mattress. Adding a little luxury to your sleep by getting a larger one could not harm you as well. It’s also essential to consider your current lifestyle before getting a new one. Changing a mattress could come with a necessity for a headboard or a new bed frame, which can also come with other additional costs. When choosing a mattress for your platform bed, consider what kind of mattress is best suited for optimal comfort and support.

Inquire About Trial And Returns

As much as this factor could often be overlooked, it is vital to know the allowance for a return and trial. Most mattresses often give a “comfort trial” allowance, and this provides a window for a return should the mattress have defects. The real test is usually a week or a month of sleeping on it, coupled with additional fees to compensate the store for giving this allowance. Even if you are buying the mattress online, this period is equally important, and you need to pay keen attention.

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Try Before Purchasing the best mattress for platform bed

Try Before Purchasing the best mattress for platform bed
Try Before Purchasing the best mattress for platform bed

Before debiting your credit card, you have to lie down on the mattress and give it a try. It may sound awkward, but this step has no substitute. You need to curl in your most preferred sleeping position, roll from side to side, and get to feel the mattresses’ sturdiness and durability you are going to use the same bed as your partner, it is vital to try it with them altogether. Both of you should spend ten to twenty minutes trying out the new mattress before purchasing it.

Choose The Correct Pillow-Top Option

The popularity given to pillow-top mattresses is very high nowadays, although they come with additional costs that are not always necessary. For heavy persons, the pillow is highly likely to go flat way before the mattress does. Light people may feel achy in the morning, since their weight may not be sufficient to engage the weight of the mattress and pillow simultaneously. To solve this hurdle, consider purchasing a standard pallet to which you can add the best rated mattress for platform bed, along with a thick mattress topper for that incredible sleep.

Know Your Preferences

There is a wide range of mattresses out there, ranging from the memory foam, traditional innerspring, and a combination of the two to form the hybrid type. Everyone has their preferences, so it’s essential to choose one whose pros are more than the cons considering that each mattress has its advantages and disadvantages. The innerspring mattress is relatively cheap, while the memory foam mattress is reasonably expensive but provides excellent cushioning for painful joints and muscles. The latex foam mattress, on the other hand, is springier, has more elasticity and bounce that comes with a wide range of varieties

Consider Its Firmness: What Kind of Mattress for a Platform Bed?

The mattress industry has no conventional measurement for stiffness. This factor is a relative term, and another company’s “firm” could mean another’s “extra firm.” This factor further emphasizes the need to try a mattress before buying it literally. Some mattress manufacturers could describe their mattress’s firmness by terms like soft, medium tom hard, while others have a scale of one to ten that indicates its hardness. With each having its unique rating system, the mattresses have different degrees of hardness, making it vital to consider the literal mattress hardness before making a purchase decision.   

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Skimp The Foundation

A platform bed won’t need an entirely new foundation because it already has one, but before buying the best platform bed mattress, you will need to consider its shape to ascertain whether it’s as good as it was when it was new. The mattress and the foundation should be compatible, and if it’s not, ask the store to give you a lower-priced substitute for the one typically sold with your mattress. Alternatively, if you’ll need to change your foundation for the same bed, go for a foundation that is discounted to prevent you from spending a whole fortune in buying a new one.

Try Before Purchasing the best mattress for platform bed
Try Before Purchasing the best mattress for platform bed

Consider Online Stores

Buying mattresses online is becoming one of the significant trends. It comes with its risks, but you have to turn a blind eye to them and consider the rewards of purchasing one. There are lots of versatilities when it comes to buying a mattress online: you won’t need to deal with a physical salesperson, you can view all the specifications online and see a wide range of options. If you are going to consider this option, do your adequate research and select a reputable store for you to get the best affordable mattress for a platform bed and value.

Be Conscious Of Your Budget

There’s nothing good that comes cheaply, especially when it comes to choosing the best mattress for your platform bed. A standard mattress is quite expensive, but the good health and vibrant mood that comes with it are way worth the money you’ll spend on it. While most people could try to cut the budget and go for less quality, the effects that come with this consideration are devastating. The right mattress could cost a whole fortune, but, every investment you make in finding the best budget mattress for your platform bed would undoubtedly pay off.

Avoid Unnecessary Extras

Once you’ve settled with your most preferred mattress, additional things like mattress pads, designer bed frames, and headboards could be unnecessary. Remember these things could increase your budget and make you spend on something you didn’t plan for. It is often wise to do away with such things when purchasing a new mattress


Getting a new mattress could be a tedious process, especially when choosing the best mattress for platform bed frame. There are lots of options, a wide range of stores and costs to be considered. Adhering to the guidelines highlighted above would significantly be beneficial in making an informed decision.

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  • 1. Consider Your Size
  • 2. Inquire About Trial And Returns
  • 3. Try Before Purchasing the best mattress for platform bed
  • 4. Choose The Correct Pillow-Top Option
  • 5. Know Your Preferences
  • 6. Consider Its Firmness: What Kind of Mattress for a Platform Bed?
  • 7. Skimp The Foundation
  • 8. Consider Online Stores
  • 9. Be Conscious Of Your Budget
  • 10. Avoid Unnecessary Extras
    • Conclusion