Willie Campbell

Willie CampbellWillie Campbell

Meet Willie Cambell, Our Editor-in-Chief & Platform Expert 

Willie Campbell has been a freelance content writer, photographer, editor, and interior designer, and now he is the Editor-in-Chief at Platform Bed Expert.  

Work Experience

Before becoming a part of our team, Willie worked as an interior designer at numerous well-known interior design and manufacturing firms. At the beginning of his career, Willie worked as an interior designer, which helped him to work intriguingly with platform beds and their design-making process.

As design plays a key role in the overall appeal of a platform bed, he had an excellent time learning all the platform bed design ideas while also knowing the ways to analyze and come up with a bed design. 

In his prime, Willie started working as a day-to-day luxury bedroom decorator and continued at this job for at least 4-5 years. During this span, he learned which beds can fit a bedroom space while ensuring the curb appeal the customer wants. His extensive and rich experience as an interior household and bedroom designer in his early career has bestowed him with the right skills and expertise to excel in this field. 

Willie was happy to explore and learn about the manufacturing and designing of platform beds, then mentioned how they should meet the customers’ quality, space, and budget requirements. Having an excellent moment integrating with other team members to come up with unique concepts for new platform bed designs, his tips and advice were invaluable. 

After marrying a beautiful lady and bearing a child, this young, amazing father figure decided to switch to a better career path. He let go of the hefty paycheck and stable job to start working as a content writer – a career path close to what he wanted to do the most. 

It turned out to be a worthy risk for him as he can now help users at the Platform Bed Expert to choose well-engineered, well-designed, and reasonably-priced platform bed products.  


  • Five years of experience as a home interior designer 
  • Five years of experience as a luxury bedroom decorator 
  • Two years of experience as a freelance content writer, editor, and photographer 
  • Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
  • Robust expertise and skills in multiple platform bed designs and manufacturing process

As the team’s editor, he looks after the content development and creation process across multiple platforms, including social media channels, video, and the web. You can explore, find, and read his numerous blogs and articles on varied topics, ranging from best platform bed manufacturing companies to top platform bed design ideas. 

With years of experience in manufacturing and designing platform beds, he is indeed more than excited to work with our team for platform bed reviews. He always emphasizes accurate and in-depth research to deliver information to readers in an easily digestible manner. Almost 70% of our in-depth how-to guides and platform bed reviews are written and directed by Willie.  

A Word fromWillie Campbell:

“I love my job now, and I am always happy to share my industry knowledge with others. I strongly believe that every shopper must have adequate information about a product before deciding which one to buy. I aim to work collaboratively with the editorial team at PlatformBedExpert to help shoppers pick the ideal platform bed product for their explicit interests, needs, and budget.”

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