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Have you ever faced a dilemma as to which platform bed to purchase to make the most of your investment? Have you ever bought a bed with all the exquisite craftwork and design and later found out that it isn’t meeting your quality expectations? Worst case scenario, have you discovered that the bed you purchased was overpriced, and now you can’t get rid of it? 

We, including our core team, have gone through these things, and that’s what made us commence with the initiative – PlatformBedExpert – a trusted and reliable buying guide and review service and a proud participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Now, let’s explore who we are, how we do this, how we make money and some information on our authors. 

About Us - PlatformBedExpert

Who Are We?

Our writing and editorial team is a group of excellent people having distinct backgrounds and expertise in editing and reporting. The editors’ diverse perspectives and prolonged experience help us deliver trusted, reliable, and easily digestible content. 

Our team of writers comprises parents of newborns and young kids, industrial engineers with expertise in research and development, coffee enthusiasts, and part-time interior designers. PlatformBedExpert connects with a vast number of readers every month over various platforms. 

We at PlatformBedExpert provide all the necessary tips and expert advice to help you make informed buying decisions by letting you consider only the top-rated platform beds for purchase. Our entire writing and editorial team is dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle, and the PlatformBedExpert is ideally structured and classified into three sections to ensure seamless navigation: 

  • Best Product Reviews: We provide product reviews of the top-rated platform beds in this section. For instance, you can learn which is the best bed frame or the best daybeds for adults. 
  • How-To Guide: Here, we provide buyers’ guides on choosing a particular type or design of platform bed. Whether box spring or low platform bed, you’ll get insight on how to choose the right product. 
  • Blog: In this section, we share in-depth details on anything related to platform beds, such as insight into bedroom ideas, best platform bed manufacturers, and so on. 

Our team devotes a lot of time, effort, and resources to reviewing, analyzing, and delivering blogs, product reviews, and buying guides for platform beds, as they are one of the most crucial bedroom equipment for an individual or family. 

We know how shopping for platform beds can be a daunting task as the market is full of options to consider. You may feel confused as each platform bed will seem to be of modern design and exceptional quality. 

Furthermore, you may find it more difficult to make buying decisions amid so many hot deals offered by retailers and manufacturers. However, if you know what to consider, choosing the top-notch, high-quality platform bed won’t be a hassle, and we are always there to help.  

How Do We Do This? 

How Do We Do This? 

We take hours of research and proofreading to deliver the most updated, to-the-point, reliable how-to guides, and reviews. With years of experience and profound skills, we perform lab tests and acquire facts and details from the best and most reliable online sources, including interviews with industry experts, industry news, and plenty of content-specific professionals. 

For instance, we leverage the insights from bed manufacturing and designing experts to compile and present a platform bed buyer guide or review. Likewise, our reviews of platform bed products come with various advice and tips from the pre-existing users who already own one. This is our comprehensive approach to researching, preparing, and delivering products, how-to guides, and platform bed-related blogs. 

To deliver unbiased and trustworthy information, we dig and find customer reviews to determine what they conclude about their buying decision. We know how valuable experts’ opinions are but also give equivalent weightage to genuine users’ feedback. We know that our readers are more interested in learning what honest peer users have to share. 

Our primary aim is to help readers shop and buy the best platform beds that meet their quality expectations without putting a hole in their pocket. Amid the widespread availability of exorbitant platform bed models with not-so-appealing features, we strive hard to recommend only the top-rated, high-quality products that come at a reasonable price while alleviating the inclusion of unwanted features that you may never use. 

We only review and present products with reasonable price tags, top-notch quality standards, and appealing designs, as we know that customers prefer to look at these first. In simple words, we only recommend the platform beds that we recommend to any of our close ones. 

How Do We Make Money? 

Do you know what’s our secret, biggest, and most lucrative asset? YOUR TRUST! If you put faith in our recommendations and choose a product from our recommended list, we generate revenue through an affiliate commission (from Amazon and other retailers). Thus, it’s your needs and trust that decide our incentive earnings. 

Given that, we are determined to present you with unbiased product recommendations to ensure you come back for more tips and advice and keep your hands of support on your shoulders. We ensure that the entire editorial team stays unaware of our organization’s functions to keep and maintain editorial independence from our business relations. 

Platform Bed Expert Authors

Meet some of our platform’s experienced authors: 

Willie Campbell – Editor In Chief 

Willie Campbell - Editor In Chief  at Platform Bed Expert
Willie Campbell – Editor In Chief 

Willie Campbell is the Editor-in-Chief at PlatformBedExpert. He joined our team after gaining years of work experience as a freelance content writer, photographer, and content editor. His expertise and skills in writing surpass a wide range of topics, from platform beds to home decor and outdoor essentials. 

As the team’s editor, he looks after the content development and creation process across multiple platforms, including social media, video, and the web. Willie is a resident of New York, US, where he lives with his family and enjoys a peaceful and prosperous work life. 

Martha Lewis – Executive Editor 

Martha Lewis - Executive Editor  at Platform Bed Expert
Martha Lewis – Executive Editor  at Platform Bed Expert

Martha Lewis has been writing and delivering content for us since the day we commenced our operations. She is confident in her prolonged experiences and super-engaging content across the sector while taking pride in her passion for enhancing the users’ living standards. 

By integrating her knowledge, writing skills, and work experiences and catering them to the customers’ needs, she delivers content that enables readers to navigate the best platform bed products seamlessly. Martha Lewis is now a resident of Pennsylvania but will relocate to New York in 2023. 

Ana Cota – Senior Editor 

Ana Cota - Senior Editor at Platform Bed Expert

Ana Cota is an excellent member and the senior editor of our team at PlatformBedExpert. Ana Cota has worked as a designer at several MNCs and Manufacturing enterprises, where he looked after the assembling and designing of crucial household equipment, including the platform beds. 

Since 2019, Ana Cota shifted to the writing and editing career, where his robust expertise in industrial designing has been leveraged for writing and delivering several reviews and buying guides for platform beds on our site.

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