Slatted Bed Base Vs Box Spring: What’s the Best?

Slatted Bed Base Vs Box Spring: What's the Best?

When it comes to getting a night of restful sleep, a lot of people will stop at nothing to find it. No matter how good the mattress or bed can be, without good support, you struggle to enjoy your sleep. So, what kind of support is sufficient for the mattress? Do you go for a box spring or slats? Well, the two are meant to offer support for the mattress, the question is which of the two serves you best? In this article, we have explained how each of the two works and their benefits. We hope the articles will help you make an informed decision.

What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a heavy wooden skeleton housing spring coils placed on a bed frame to support the mattress. It has a thin layer of cushions or sheeting for extra comfort and durability. Even though you will find box springs made of other materials, most of them are made of wood. Compared to slates, they are thicker hence will elevate the mattress more. Box springs come in various shapes and sizes. Most new box springs are not as tall as the traditional ones. 

Benefits of a Box Spring

Box springs are most suitable for people who need support on their backs. They are durable and sturdy to hold any kind of weight and can keep a mattress of any size. Most mattress companies recommend a box spring to enhance huge mattresses. Also, a box spring works best for people with height since they will find it easy to get in and out of bed.

The added coils make the box spring foundation strong and durable. They ensure that the weight of the sleeper is distributed well throughout the bed, keeping the level of bounce intact.

Also, they are simple to use. Whereas box springs are heavy and bulky to move around, they are sturdy ones they are in their rightful place. They cannot slip or shift quickly, even with many years of use.

Kids can bounce on a box spring without damaging it. Thanks to its steady design, it can withstand more pressure than slats. Also, most box springs have fabrics placed on them to prevent the mattress from falling. s

Disadvantages of a Box Spring

One of the biggest un doings of a box spring is its size and weight. Even though its weight is good for the sturdiness of the bed, physically moving the couch with a box spring is a big challenge. If you stay alone and you need to move your bed to a different room, you will have to seek help from the outside.

Some sleepers find box springs too firm. Yes, you could be thinking this is a good thing, actually sensitive sleepers do not like a mattress with less give. Furthermore, a layer of durability added makes it uncomfortable or just too firm. This is where the choice between a Slatted Bed Base Vs Box Spring becomes crucial.

Box springs are expensive to purchase because of too much material used to make them. Whereas you can get low-quality box springs for low prices, good quality ones come at high rates. A bed is one piece of furniture you will not change in a decade or even more, therefore, buying a cheap low-quality slat may not be the best idea.

What are Slats?

What are Slats?

Slats are wooden or metal planks running horizontally across the bed frame to support the mattress. They are spaced in 2 to 3 inches to allow free circulation of air. The height you get below the bed depends on the bed frame. However, are bed slats better than box springs, box springs provide more space beneath the bed compared to slats. When it comes to supporting, slats give excellent support to the mattress and the sleeper. However, jumping up and down, especially on wooded slats, could break the plunks. Slats are also exceptional in weight distribution. You can comfortably sleep on top of it without the mattress sinking.

Planks are available in two varieties of the single plank and two planks.

Single planks – A single plank runs across the king-size or double bed.

Two planks – Here, there are two planks for two sides; each side has a different support system.

Benefits of Slats

When you want to get something cheap but durable slats are the better options. Also, they are readily available since there is no much material involved in their manufacture. Slats can comfortably support heavy sleepers.

Is a slatted bed base better? Slats also promote proper air circulation through spaces provided in the beds underneath. They are easy to install and uninstall, therefore suitable for people who are always on the move or the elderly. They are also light to move around.

Benefits of Slats

Disadvantages of Slats

If you don’t find the right size or don’t secure the slats well, slats will be as comfortable as they should. Also, slats are thinner, and lighter can easily break under pressure. If not appropriately spaced, the mattress will sag and lose its shape.

The quality of slats goes with its price. Good quality slats tend to be more expensive than low-quality slats. When purchasing slats, consider the material used, the weight of the mattress, and the weight of the sleeper. However, if you are looking for firmer support, a box spring is a good option for you.

If not appropriately secured, slats can easily fall. Also, they are thinner and lighter and easily break under pressure. However, this depends on the type of wood used to make the slats. Slats Made of metal, are bed slats better than box springs.

Conclusion: Slatted Bed Base Vs Box Spring

By now, you should have known which between slats and box spring suits you. Both are readily available; therefore, it is you to choose from which of the two suits your bed. What you are looking for in a couch is what matters. However, if you have a reasonable budget, a box spring is the right choice when you compare the two. When considering the options of box spring vs bed slats, well, this is not to say slats are not any good, box spring is studier, and getting in and out of bed is not a problem. It is also essential to know that some beds can accommodate both a box spring and slats.

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