Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples: Great Choice for Heavy Couple

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What is the best bed frame for sexually active couples?
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A squeaking bed that sways and scratches the floor is an embarrassment to a couple. It gives away your nighttime activities to the kids, visitors and neighbors. You don’t have to put up with such humiliation. Upgrade now to the best bed frames for sexually active couples and enjoy every intimate moment with your partner. 

It’s only the best bed frame for sexually active couple that can hide your secrecy and give you complete satisfaction in lovemaking. 

A poorly constructed bed frame can break down during the exercise and cause injury. Others squeak and screech, thus blowing away your cover to the kids, visitors, and neighbors. 

Furthermore, others can leave you with backaches and pain around the neck. Yet you shouldn’t forego lovemaking on account of an inappropriate bed. 

So we bring you the tried and tested beds that can accommodate everyone including the plus-size couple. The beds are noise-free, comfortable, and stay put even as you get carried away with the excitement of intimacy. 

And the post includes designs of various materials, sizes, and tastes. 

If you have no time to go through the entire review, it’s Okay. Below is a quick summary to help you make an informed choice.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s ChoiceZinus Gerard Platform BedIt’s a stylish upholstered bed that blends metal sidings and wooden slats anchored on 9 legs. And it supports up to 500lbs weight without generating any noise.
  • Best Noise-Free Bed FrameZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame – The 3.2 inches closely packed wooden slats and steel frame carries 700lbs weight without squeaking or screaking.
  • Best Bed for the Heavy CoupleOlee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel SlatIt taps on a steel frame of unwavering strength of 2000lbs capacity. A non-slip mattress design, 13.5 inches under bed clearance, and capped feet adapt it for heavy couples. 
  • Best in Under Bed StorageZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress FoundationFrom the floor, the bed has 13 inches of clearance that accommodates large boxes. Its design employs a complete metal frame and crisscrossing slats that provide unwavering support. 
  • Best for the PricePrimaSleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty SteelThough pocket-friendly, it packs an alloy steel structure, 9 legs, and a whopping 16.25 clearance. You can’t ask for more at the competitive price
  • Best in Simple DesignZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed FrameFor the minimalist-looking bedroom, the simple silhouette and the headboard make great features. Yet you can’t underestimate its functionality; 3.4-inch slat spacing, steel frame, and wood slats that give 700lbs bed capacity. 

Quietest and Sturdy Bed Frames that don’t Ruin your Mood in Sex Fun

Zinus Gerard Platform Bed

Zinus Gerard Platform Bed
Size: King size bed | Weight: 97.9lbs | Material: steel frame and wood slats | Capacity: 500lbs | Legs: 9 legs | Headboard height: 46 inches | Bed height: 15.75 inches without a mattress

Modern and Stylish

The Zinus Gerard Platform bed comes in a stylish and modern design. It employs deep unreal leather upholstery. When you combine it with the padded headboard, it delivers a comfortable texture.

Such padding is skin-friendly and delivers a comfy texture when you brush against it on bare skin. It allows you to take different sexual positions without worrying about discomfort or accidents. Besides, even its color and appearance give the bedroom its true mood. 

Durable, Stable, and Doesn’t Squeak 

The platform bed employs a sturdy steel frame covered by foam pads. At the center of the bed is a mid-support for extra strength. That prevents the bed and mattress from sagging when carrying heavy couples. 

Furthermore, it grips the ground with 9 thick legs. Accordingly, it can happily bear a maximum weight of 500lbs. By combining a metal frame and thick legs, the bed achieves maximum balance, stability, and no squeaking. 

And to further minimize the noise level it features a strip of foam insulation between the slat and frame support. 

Spacious 9.8 Inches Under Bed Clearance

When you set it up, it leaves a space of 9.8 inches in height. Thus even such a large space doubles as an extra storage facility. 

You can keep your nightdresses, adult toys, and even panties within reach. Your room hence will look neat, organized and spacious. That means you have more room to play around the bed with your partner. 

Doesn’t Need a Box Spring

Its construction uses sturdy wooden slats. And the inserts have a close spacing of 3.3inches. Such compactness delivers unparalleled support for the mattress.

You, therefore, don’t require any box spring. Your mattress rests directly on the slats without any danger of wearing out prematurely. 

You can use a variety of mattress like latex, memory, or foam mattress that gives you the greatest comfort. 

Easy Assembly Process

Think of when you are in the mood for lovemaking and the bed takes ages to put together? Not so with the Zinus Gerard bed. Right from the package, it’s easy to assemble and even comes complete with the tools you need. That means minimal time wastage. 

5 Year Warranty

Besides being from a reputed company, the manufacturer offers you a 5-year warranty. That gives you a glimpse of its quality. But in case you encounter a defect, the warranty is your backup. 

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ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation

ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation
Size: queen-size bed of 60″ W x 80″ L x 14″ H | Weight: 34.2lbs | Material: alloy steel | Capacity: 1500lbs | Legs: 9 legs | Height: regular size 14 inches

Alloy Steel Frame and Slats

The Zinus Smartbase bed has a heavy-duty alloy steel framework and no wonder it weighs 34.2lbs. The steel alloy frame is very sturdy and hence accommodates up to a weight capacity of 1500lbs, making it one of the best bed frames for sexually active couples.

So if you are a plus-size couple, you can take your lovemaking to the next level without any fear of the bed failing you. Three rows of legs nail its sturdiness. 

On top of the steel frame, it also has steel slats running both horizontal and vertical. And to boost its stability and minimize squeaking it has brackets on the legs.   

Needs No Box Spring

With this bed, you don’t need to incur the additional cost of a box spring. The heavy steel construction ensures you need no box spring. 

The mattress rests directly on the compact slats. The arrangement gives the mattress high breathability, less heating effect, and long life. 

Capped Legs

Although each of its legs is metal, they have a plastic cup. So the legs don’t touch the floor directly. 

The plastic cups keep the metal legs from marking your expensive flooring material. You can thus engage in rigorous exercise without leaving behind ugly marks on the floor. 

13 Inches Storage Space

From the bedframe to the ground, it has a clearance height of 13 inches. Such a large space accommodates even a big suitcase. All your personal belongings, sex toys, and bed sheets stay close by. And who doesn’t like an organized bedroom?

Tool-Free Assembly

Right from the single package box, the bed is simple to assemble without using any tool. It may take you just about half an hour to put together. 

5 Year Warranty

When you invest in the bed, you can rest assured that you have a brand that stands behind its products. The 5-year warranty is proof of its quality.  

Sound Joints and Warp Free

Besides being completely metal, it has sturdy joints that minimize creaky noise. On the other hand, horizontal and vertical slats makes the mattress even. Therefore, even amidst shaky movements, it will produce negligible or no strange noises. 

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat
Size: Queen size | Weight: 50lbs | Material: alloy steel | Capacity: 2000lbs | Legs: 9 legs | Under-bed storage: 13.5 inches clearance

Non-Slip Mattress Design

Nothing annoys like a bed that slips with the inch of movement you make. To counter that annoyance, the Olee bed employs slightly raised lips that prevent the sliding of the mattress. So, it gives you the peace of mind to toss, turn, and make all the movements associated with lovemaking. 

Durable Steel Frame and Slats

From the bed siding to the slat and legs, the entire structure is a sturdy steel material. With a total of 6 legs on the outer frame and 3 on the middle support, the Olee bed gives reliable support. 

Each of the thick slats is bolts firmly in its slot and has no chance of slipping off. From such a sturdy design it happily bears a maximum of 2000lbs weight. So if you are a couple with high weight capacity it’s a viable bed frame. 

13.5 Inches Clearance

Beneath the metallic bed is a whopping 13.5 clearance height. The space is more than enough to hold large bags. 

Therefore even though the bed has no side or head cabinets, the under-bed space doubles as the storage area. You hence don’t have to clutter every item in the room. 

Headboard Provision 

The Olee platform bed has neither headboard nor footboard. But it has a provision for adding a headboard if you wish. Incorporating a headboard adds elegance and additional support for the couple. 

Capped Legs

Owing to its high weight capacity and metal nature, the queen size bed has plastic metal cups. Your floor thus remains mark free. 

Easy Assembly 

From the package, it comes disassembled. However, it has easy to connect parts that require no expertise. All the equipment and tools you may need during assembly are present in the package. 


The metallic platform bed has a foldable nature. So if you reside in a small apartment and you need more space during the bay, you can fold it up and free more space. Similarly, its folding nature comes in handy during storage or transportation. 

ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame

ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame
Size: king size | Weight: 73.9lbs | Material: steel alloy frame and wood slats | Capacity: 700lbs | Legs: 5 legs | Height: 14 inches without mattress | Headboard height: 38 inches


From its king-size, it offers spacious sleeping space for a couple. It gives you more than enough space to turn, sleep side by side, and engage in all manner of activities that brings you fun. 

Steel Alloy Metal Frame

Its framework boasts a sturdy steel alloy with a long lifespan. And owing to such a metallic frame, the bed attracts a weight of 73.9lbs. For that reason, it bears a maximum weight of 700lbs. That weight capacity should accommodate most couples. 

3.4 Inch Closely Packed Wood Slats and Mid-Rail Support

Apart from the reliable frame, it uses thick wooden slats to provide unwavering support for the mattress. The slat spacing is 3.4 inches for the king-size bed.

And so closely packed inserts give a steady foundation while still allowing for the mattress to breathe. Coupled with the middle rail support, the bed has no chance of sagging during active use.  

5-Year Warranty

Its entire structure boasts quality design. And as a stamp of that high quality, the manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee for the bed. Thus such a long warranty period gives you the courage to invest in the bed. 

Simple and Modern Look

As it stands it gives the picture of a simple bed with a modern look. Its simple silhouette matches the desires of a couple for a bed that gives a room the minimalist look. 

Simple Assembly

All its parts come packed in one box. However, it gives even the assembly tools and all that you may require to put it up together. That includes the assembly instructions. You require about an hour to assemble. 


A squeaking bed brings shame to its owner. Fortunately, Zinus counters that problem by matching a metal frame to wooden slats. Such a combination minimizes or eliminates the strange noises. 

As a result, as you spend your intimate moments together, the bed won’t give away your secrecy. Even the center reinforcement minimizes the unwanted noises. 

12-Inch Clearance Space

Under the bed, there is a clearance of 12 inches in height. So when you reside in a tight room, the space help in better room organization and frees more space. You can hide a box with your personal belongings and items you rarely use under the bed. 

Headboard for Extra Support

Unlike some beds, the Zinus mia platform bed features a simple headboard structure. The crossing bars are strong such that you can hold onto them for extra support. Such support comes necessary in the heat of excitement during a lovemaking session. 

PrimaSleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Steel

PrimaSleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Steel
Size: Twin size | Weight: 29.2lbs | Material: alloy steel | Capacity: 3000lbs | Legs: 6 legs | Height: 18 inches

Heavy-Duty Alloy Steel Metal Design

The Primasleep bed frame features all-metal construction. All the bed sidings, legs, and slats are of heavy-duty alloy steel. And it has a promising lifespan and support for even the heavy-duty deluxe mattress. 

18-inch Tall

The bed stands 18 inches tall from the ground. It thus fits couples where one partner is taller than the other. When you top it up with a 13-inch mattress, it further elevates your height. When you wish to assume a sexual standing position, the man easily finds the wife at a convenient thigh length. 

7 Inches Closely Spaced Slats

To complement the metal structure, it uses thick inserts with a spacing of 7 inches. And being of heavy-duty steel it has no chance of warping even when bearing a heavy load. 

3000lbs Weight Capacity

For couples gifted with heavy body weights, the PrimaSleep platform bed makes a viable choice. It employs a steel framework and so accommodates up to 3000lbs of weight. 

That capacity is more than enough for even plus-size couples. You can sleep, turn, toss and engage in extracurricular activities without any fear of bed collapsing. 

Reinforced Leg Design

And to help support the heavyweight, the PrimaSleep bed has reinforced leg support. It makes contact with the ground at six points. Furthermore, each metal slat and side rail firmly bolts to the frame. 

16.25 Inches Under Bed Clearance

A bedroom where all items are scattered all over simply puts you off. But when you have a 16.25-inch clearance, arranging the room is much easier. All your suitcases and boxes can easily fit beneath the bed. The result is a tidy room with a large perimeter space around the bed. 

No box spring required

The strong metal slats provide firm support for the mattress. That means you don’t have to spend on a box spring anymore. Instead, you can place any type of mattress on the slats directly and steel enjoy your sleep. 

Non-Slip Mattress Design

A mattress that edges away spoils the mood for a sexually active couple. That’s why this Primasleep bed frame incorporates a non-slip feature. The slats fit on the frame and leave slight protrusion of the sidings. Hence the mattress fits in the slots and has no room for slipping off during extracurricular activities.

Headboard Provision

Even though the bed comes without a headboard, you can easily install one if you so wish. That’s because it has predrilled holes that make it easy to attach a headboard to the mainframe.

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

What is the best bed frame for sexually active couples?
Size: Queen Size | Weight: 80lbs | Material: alloy steel, engineered wood, foam, and fabric | Capacity: 700lbs | Legs: 9 legs | Slat spacing: 3.2 inches | Frame: Combines wood slats and metal frame


The Zinus Shalini’s design blends metal framework and wood slats. Such a combination produces a noise-free bed that doesn’t advertise all your secrecy at night. And that’s exactly what an active couple requires. 

Easy Assembly

Joining together the parts is no complicated process. First, the equipment comes with all the parts in one box. Also in the package are all the tools and equipment you need to pull through with the assembly process. The entire process may take one hour or less.  

Foam Padding 

Though its framework is of sturdy metal, it has dense foam padding. That means it feels comfortable to lean on or touch. So it feels friendly even to the soft and delicate skin. 

Moreover, it features also a padded headboard with a stylish button design. Hence in the event that your head touches the head frame, it won’t cause any discomfort.  

5-Year Warranty

As an evidence of its reliability, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty on the bed. The more reason why you should consider investing in it. 

Neutral Toned Fabric

Beautiful and complementing furniture in a room brings out the right mood. His Zinus bed, therefore, uses a neutral-toned fabric. That means it can match different room paintings and curtains. 

6.9 inches Clearance Under the Bed

Without careful planning it’s easy to congest your bedroom and hence lack any walking space around the wall. For that reason, this bed gives you a clearance space beneath the bed of 6.9 inches. Smaller boxes can easily slide under it. 

The Non-Slip strip on to Slats

A slipping mattress is a nuisance and dangerous during extracurricular bedroom activities. The bed rules out such incidences by using non-slipping strips on two slats. The adhesive strips prevent the mattress from moving about. 

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What Makes the Perfect Bed Frame for Sex?

When looking for the best bed frame for sexually active couples, there are some essential factors you need to consider. The sturdy construction, comfort and noise-free operation create the perfect environment for intimacy.

Sturdy Design

The perfect bed frame for sex must have a sturdy construction and be dependable. To achieve those features it must make contact with the ground at multiple points (about 6 to 9 legs) and have middle frame support. 

Also, it must employ thick hardwood or metal for the sidings and legs. The thick wood or metals gives it a high weight capacity. 


The next vital quality is comfort. If the bed is sturdy and not comfortable, it won’t be of any use. The padding, firm base, and sufficient height from the ground all contribute to the overall comfort. 

Noise Free

Besides comfort and sturdiness, the perfect bed for sex should not squeak or produce strange noises. Loud noise by the bed deprives a couple of their privacy during those intimate moments. 

What Makes the Perfect Bed Frame for Sex?
What Makes the Perfect Bed Frame for Sex?

Select Different Design of Bed Frame to Support Sex Activities?

A couple looking for the best bed frame to support their active sex life has three main bed designs to consider. That includes:

Platform Bed with Slats

Bed frames are very common in most homes. It consists of bed sidings legs and slats. You might find the slats already pre-installed. In some cases, you might need to purchase the inserts separately. 

Usually, it features a metal framework. When you choose high-quality material, bed frames give balanced and sturdy support for the mattress. Balanced mattress support in turn results in quality sleep and thrilling sex. 

Solid Platform Bed

A solid platform bed is almost like a bed frame except it has a solid support surface instead of slats. Considering it has solid support without legs and slats, it has very minimal chances of squeaking. Hence an active couple is likely to find a solid platform bed beneficial.   

Box Spring

A box spring is one of the most traditional foundational support. In most cases, it blends nicely with an innerspring mattress.

For that reason, it has an outstanding bounciness. So a couple looking for an extra degree of bounce (and sexual excitement) can find it from box spring design. 

However, as you swing in that rhythmic pattern during intercourse the metal springs touch each other. Accordingly, it generates some noise. So if you need the most silent bed design, you can’t find it from box spring. 

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The Advantages of Different Materials for Sex-Friendly Bed Frames

The best frames feature different materials to bring comfort and durability. Here are the advantages of each type of material


Many bed frames feature wood material. Depending on the design, some have wooden slats while others employ wood on the entire frame. 

But in both cases, the benefits a sexually active couple can derive from the bed material depends on the quality of the material. That’s whether it’s hardwood or softwood. 


Common softwoods include cedar and pine. Softwoods have the advantage of being subtle. That means the materials have a high shock absorption ability. 

But most active couples don’t prefer it since they are less durable. That means it can’t take on the rigorous exercise and sexual. 

On the other hand hardwoods such as oak and birch are durable. Such woods, therefore, make sturdy and long-lasting bed frames. They can tolerate heavy loads and so even plus-size couples won’t have any fear as they have their fun. 

Heavy and Stable

Hardwoods attract heavy weights. And owing to such heavy weights they make very stable beds. That means despite numerous rocking motions they barely move, hence benefitting the bedroom environment. 

 Aesthetic Beauty

The unique grain pattern of the wood adds to the beauty of the beds. Besides you can paint the wood to reflect the taste and décor of the bedroom. Such beauty and unique blending ability inject the right mood for lovemaking in the bedroom. 

Metal or Metal Alloys

The next common material for making bed frames targeting sexually active persons is metal. The most usual metal is steel but few manufacturers also use wrought iron.

High Load Capacity

Top-quality steel is sturdy and possesses a high load capacity of more than 1000lbs. In other words, it can tolerate the activities of even plus-size women and men. Therefore despite your weight, you can go on with your carefree sex life having the assurance that the bed won’t let you down. 

Easy to Clean

Metal bed frames are simple to wipe clean. That makes it trouble-free to remove dust and thus maintain a tidy room. 

Diversity of Styles

Every couple has a bed frame style that brings out their best mood. Fortunately, metal bed frames are available in diverse styles and designs. 

The diverse designs thus accommodate those looking for the minimalist or classic elegant taste look of their bedroom. 

Easy to Paint

And just like the wood material, metal bed frames are easy to paint. That comes in handy when you change your house. You can easily paint or complement the painting of the new room. 

Note that some brands employ metal alloys to bring down the price of their beds. If you decide to settle for metal alloy bed frames, shop from reputable brands that offer a long warranty period for their products. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples

Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples


The right bed frame for the sexually active couple should be spacious. So select the bed that can accommodate you, your partner and still leave some perimeter space. 

The space on the bed frame shouldn’t hinder you from trying different sexual positions and sleeping styles. For instance, a King or Queen size can allow you to sleep side by side comfortably.

Weight Capacity

Before settling for a bed frame think of the total weight the bed would have to bear. It should accommodate your weights combined and even leave a slight allowance. 

Otherwise, if the frame strains to bear your weights, it will only be a matter of time before it buckles. 

Noise Free Design

A sexually active couple needs a mechanically sound bed frame; that is the bed frame that can take on rigorous movements at the heights of excitement without the squeaking sounds.

A bed frame that produces noise deprives you the privacy and thus complete enjoyment during the sexual union. It should thus have solid joints, tight-fitting bolts, and nuts. 

Usually, a mixture of solid metal frames, thick wooden slats, and strong joints produce minimal or no noise. 


Besides the mechanical soundness of the frame, it should not skid at the height of the sexual activity. Remember, sexual intercourse can involve different positions, angles, and propping. 

You need a bed frame that can stay put. For that reason, some beds employ foam tape lining on the inserts and the legs. That way, neither the mattress nor the bed frame skids. 

Edge Support

 A bed frame with edge supports comes in handy during rigorous activities. It gives your partner a comfortable place to grip for extra support. Also as your change position, the rounded or blunted edge offers you a convenient grip for your hands. 


During intimacy, excitement may push one partner to pound harder on the other. At that moment, you need a bed that can reciprocate with a slight degree of bounce. 

On the other hand, a stiff or an extra bouncy bed spoils the excitement. On that note, a metal frame matched with wood slats gives good results. 


The inserts should feature study material. Otherwise, it won’t support the mattress and the couple. Thick wood slats closely packed (about 3 inches apart) will suffice. 


A high-quality bed frame for a sexually active couple costs a significant amount of money. It’s wise to stick with the manufacturer that offers some warranty for the bed. The longer the warranty period the more promising you can count on its quality. 


Most bed frames are of wood or other metals such as steel. Both hardwood and steel material gives satisfactory results. However many couples agree that a blend of wooden slats and a metal frame is ideal. 

Additional Features

Some couples find additional features such as headboard and footboard ideal. Such features add extra comfort, support, and aesthetic value. 

For instance, other sex positions that require propping or bending in some positions require support from either the headboard or footboard. 

Different Types of Mattresses for Sex Bed Frame

Different Types of Mattresses for Sex Bed Frame
Different Types of Mattresses for Sex Bed Frame

Besides a reliable bed frame, you need to choose a matching type of mattress to reap comfort. Therefore, below are the widespread kinds of mattresses to consider;

Memory Foam Mattress

One of the outstanding benefits of a memory foam mattress is its quietness. It thus allows you to engage in all kinds of fun during sex without generating any kind of noise. 

Further, during intercourse memory foam mattress offers you outstanding edge support. But on the contrary, memory foam mattress has a limited degree of bounce. 

Latex Mattress

The leading benefit of the latex type of mattress is its bounciness. So if your sexual activities require a fair degree of bouncing, match your bed frame with a latex mattress. 

Besides their resilient nature, they are also responsive, comfortable, quiet, and provide good edge support. 

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring type of mattress has good edge support and bounciness. However, it’s a major drawback is that it doesn’t stay quiet. 

At the height of the excitement, it gives forth the spring noise that repeats the swinging motion of the couples. That way it doesn’t guarantee you privacy at intimate moments. 

Where to Get a Good Sturdy Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples

You can get a good sturdy bed for a sexually active couple from leading online shops and reputable outlets. Only such shops offer high-quality beds with a long warranty period for their products. 

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FAQs: Best Bed Frame for Sex

01: What is the strongest bed frame for sex?

The most sturdy bed frame for sex must have reliable bed siding and inserts. For that reason, look for a brand that blends metal siding and wood slats. 
It should though feature sturdy metal such as steel on the sides. But, as for the inserts, look for hardwood such as birch and oak. 
Softwoods aren’t durable and so can’t bear much weight. Moreover, the softwoods squeak a lot. 

02: How do I prevent my bed frame from making noise when having sex?

First, identify the source of the noise. If it’s coming from an innerspring mattress or box spring, a replacement is inevitable. 
If it’s a bed frame check on the tightness of the bolts and nuts. Sometimes re-tightening them may be all that is necessary. Also, try incorporating washers between the two metals causing the squeaking. 
Also, try lubricating the metal joint frames with WD-40 or bee wax for wooden frames. Sometimes the rubbing of slats on the frame produces a strange noise. In that case, a cushioning foam between the slats and frame is necessary. 
Lastly, try incorporating floor padding. A piece of towel or t-shirt can do the trick. But if all that fails, invest in a new bed. 

03: Is it dangerous to have sex in a higher length bed?

No, the height isn’t a problem. Instead, so long as the bedframe is sturdy, balanced, and doesn’t creek often, it’s safe for a couple to engage in sex despite the height. 
Moreover, if one partner is taller, a higher bed frame gives the couple an easy time engaging in sex while standing. 

04: Are adjustable bed frames good for sex?

Yes, adjustable bed frames may introduce a new level of thrill into your sex life. It allows you to try new sex positions by adjusting the inclination angle. However, the bed frame has to be sturdy, mechanically sound, and sturdy. 

05: What type of bed frame is the quietest?

The best bed frames that produce the least amount of noise are the platform beds. Their sturdy foundation offers adequate support for the mattress. Further, a solid framework and thick slats greatly minimize the strange sounds. 
And for best results, a combination of metal frame and hardwood slats produces the quietest bed frame. 

06: What Is a good bed height for sex?

A good bed height for sex takes into account the height of the mattress too. For that reason, if you mainly engage in sex where one partner stands, then the bed height should be between the knee and thigh length. 


The best bed frame for sexually active couples should have a noise-free design, sturdy, and still comfortable to the skin. Also, such a bed must be spacious for the partners to sleep side by side happily. 

From metal, wood to upholstered beds, the post gives you varieties to consider. Quality sleep and sex life are an integral part of life you shouldn’t miss. Reflect on the size of your bedroom, the weight of your partner, and choose a matching bed that supports your active lifestyle.

The reward you will reap is worth every penny!

  • 1. Quick Summary
  • 2. Quietest and Sturdy Bed Frames that don’t Ruin your Mood in Sex Fun
    • Zinus Gerard Platform Bed
    • ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation
    • Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat
    • ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame
    • PrimaSleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Steel
    • ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame
  • 3. What Makes the Perfect Bed Frame for Sex?
    • Sturdy Design
    • Comfortable
    • Noise Free
  • 4. Select Different Design of Bed Frame to Support Sex Activities?
    • Platform Bed with Slats
    • Solid Platform Bed
    • Box Spring
  • 5. The Advantages of Different Materials for Sex-Friendly Bed Frames
    • Wood 
    • Durability 
    • Heavy and Stable
    •  Aesthetic Beauty
    • Metal or Metal Alloys
    • High Load Capacity
    • Easy to Clean
    • Diversity of Styles
    • Easy to Paint
  • 6. Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples
    • Size
    • Weight Capacity
    • Noise Free Design
    • Sturdiness
    • Edge Support
    • Bounce
    • Slats 
    • Guarantee
    • Material
    • Additional Features
  • 7. Different Types of Mattresses for Sex Bed Frame
    • Memory Foam Mattress
    • Latex Mattress
    • Innerspring Mattress
  • 8. Where to Get a Good Sturdy Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples
  • 9. FAQs: Best Bed Frame for Sex
    • Conclusion