Best Twin Platform Beds with Trundle 2021 for Adults and Kids

Sleep is a key requirement for good health. We all need quality sleep but kids and teenagers need it more, as studies suggest

Unfortunately, sometimes limited space can hinder your family from enjoying a night of quality sleep. But not so when you have the best twin platform bed with trundle. For small living and bedrooms. The foundation bed with trundle makes the best choice. 

What is a Twin Platform Bed Frame with Trundle?

It refers to a foundation bed that has another low bed on caster wheels that fit beneath it. In other words, it has two sleeping platforms. That is the upper and a low-lying bed that slides under the main bed.  

Often foundation beds with trundles become ideal when you are staying in a small room. So during the daytime, you push the trundle bed beneath the name frame. That way you save on space and get more room for working. 

And when you want to use it, you slide it out, and it doubles as the second sleeping bed. Further, some models also offer drawers for more storage space. 

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Top 4 Twin Beds with a Trundle Review

Twin Platform Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers by Merax

Twin Platform Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers by Merax
  • Its construction boasts engineered wood and pine. Therefore it gives solid strength backed up by thick wood slats. A glance of the twin platform bed with trundle reveals a white color that captivates the eyes. 
  • Hence that gives it the ability to blend with various room decorations. Besides, it has 14.3 inches high slatted footboard and headboard. So it fits small living space, boys or girls bedroom. Its overall dimension stands at 75.9 x 43.5 x 35.8 inches and weighs 124.52lbs. 

The top bed requires no box spring. Its solid strength promises to support a maximum weight of 300lbs. But for utmost comfort, it requires a mattress of a maximum thickness of 8inches. 

On the other hand, the trundle bed measures 73.5 x 41.5 X 12.5 inches. Its wheels make it effortless to pull in and out. It supports the mattress of a maximum thickness of 6 inches. 

When you pull out the trundle, the Merax bed accommodates multiple persons. No wonder it stands out among the best twin platform bed with trundle.

The bottom trundle bed also boasts solid slats. For that reason, it supports the maximum weight of 200lbs. Such a capacity accommodates most boys and girls. It can also come in handy when you have a sleep-overnight guest. 

At the bottom-most part, it has triple drawers. And each drawer measures about 22.8 x 9 inches. They hence offer extra storage space. That makes it easy to organize a small room to look neat. 

From the store, it comes in two boxes disassembled. However, the package provides for all the assembly tools and accessories. Further, it also has assembly instructions. Therefore it should be fairly easy for most people to put together. 

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Solid Wood Twin Platform Bed with Trundle Frame by Max and Lily

Solid Wood Twin Platform Bed with Trundle Frame by Max and Lily
  • When looking for a twin platform bed with trundle, the Max and Lily brand makes a viable choice. Its frame is solid New Zealand pine wood free-form knots. Furthermore, it employs sturdy plywood slats. 
  • And to make it sturdier, it boasts a slat distance of 8.75 inches. Furthermore, each slat has a metal bar reinforcement. So it supports a maximum weight of 400lbs for each bed. 

The upper bed measures 79 x 40 x 30 inches. And the bottom trundle bank measures 74.5″ L x 40″ W x 11.7″ H. Thus, it offers spacious sleeping space for the kids.

Its natural wood color makes it unique. Moreover, it has low VOC treatment. Hence that makes it non-toxic and durable too. At the same time, its 30-inch tall slatted headboard adds to its appealing look. 

Further, its footboard is of solid MDF board. The Max and Lily twin bed with pop up trundle blends with the standard mattress of not more than 8 inches thick. You don’t require any box spring because the solid slats offer unwavering support. 

Madison Twin Platform Bed with Trundle by Atlantic Furniture

Madison Twin Platform Bed with Trundle by Atlantic Furniture
  • Hosting a one-night guest or friend can be hectic. Bur not so when you have the Madison twin platform bed with trundle. Its trundle bunk bed offers convenient sleeping space for an adult or a kid. 
  • The twin platform bed is available in three different colors. That includes antique walnut, white, and espresso colors. For that reason, you can select the finish that blends with your room. 

Its entire frame is solid wood. So, it boasts a weight of 147lbs. Therefore when you set it up on the floor, it offers reliable stability. 

The solid headboard has a design that harmonizes with the footboard too. Unlike other platform beds, the Madison offers the versatility of installing the trundle bed. That’s because it fits on either side of the bed. 

When you need the trundle bed with the traditional minimalist look, the Madison is promising. The upper top bunk bed leaves an underneath space of 11 ¼ inches for the trundle to slide into. 

At the same time, it uses hardwood slats to support the mattress. That means you won’t have to invest in any box spring. 

Eden Daybed with Trundle by Zinus

Eden Daybed with Trundle by Zinus
  • Sometimes it’s not possible to accommodate a bed and furniture in a small living room. In that case, a bed that doubles as a chair becomes ideal. The Eden daybed with trundle is one such item to consider. 
  • Its top sleeping space measures 39″ W x 77″ L x 38″ H. On the other hand, the trundle bed measures 38.5 x 70 x 4.2 inches. Its framework is of sturdy steel material. Therefore at night, it can double as a twin platform bed with trundle. It supports the weight capacity of 250lbs. 

Both the day bed and twin bed accept the twin mattress with a maximum thickness of 9.5inches thick. Considering it employs steel slats, it promises reliable support. 

Right from the box it only requires minimal assembly. Besides the package provides you with the accessories you need for the assembly. Its 71lbs weight and 4 capped legs boost the stability of the day bed. 

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How to Buy a Twin Platform Bed With Trundle?

Frame Material

There are mainly two major types of material used in making foundation beds with trundles. That includes wood or metal. 

Often wood presents a classic appearance. But, consider choosing hardwood materials. The best twin platform bed frame with trundle should give you long life. Hardwood frame with solid joints thus seems a good choice.  

However wood tends to attract a high price tag and weight. On the other hand metals like steel and iron are other options to consider. But beware of poorly joined or welded joints that snap off easily. 

Type and Quality of the Mattress

In most cases, children and teens are the ones that use twin trundle beds. Also, most of these beds don’t come with mattresses.

That means you’ll have to buy a mattress as a separate entity. Remember a trundle bed slides under the bigger frame. So the thickness of the mattress matters. Therefore purchase a bed that blends with the mattress you have yet still slid in and out easily. 

Luckily most trundle beds specify the maximum thickness of the mattress that blends with it. Leave some allowance for blanket and bed sheet. 

Aesthetic and Design

They come in a variety of designs. Some trundle beds double as day beds too. So consider the design that satisfies your needs most. 

On the same note, here are the most common types of trundle beds:

  • Day Beds with Trundle

At a closer look day beds resembles couches. The three-sided bed frames often function as a couch during the day and doubles as a bed at night. You only have to add a pillow. 

The daybeds with trundles fit smaller rooms like a studio. You can set it up against the wall where it adds elegance to the room. 

  • Captain Beds

The captain twin platform bed with trundle is compact and space-saving. The beds help you maximize every space by providing extra storage space. That can be in the form of shelves on the headboard or even the drawers.  

  • Bunk Beds with Trundle

For more space-saving options, bunk bed with trundle win. The bank bed accommodates a couple of persons on the top, bottom, and bottommost trundle sleeping space. 

So it makes an option to consider if you have several kids sharing a room. The bed only occupies a footprint space of one bed but accommodates many kids.  


If you are purchasing a twin trundle bed for kids, then consider rail guards necessary. Kids can turn and toss in their sleep. A rail guard keeps them protected. Also, some individuals prefer footboards and headboards.  

Remember kids are very choosy when it comes to colors. So factor in the room painting and the favorite color of your kid. 

Need for Storage

One of the main reasons to go for the trundle beds is their space-saving ability. Organizing a small room may present a serious challenge. If that is the case, then consider beds with drawers or shelves vital. You can use them as extra storage spaces for pillows and sleeping costumes. 

Lockable Wheels 

The provision of castors makes the beds roll smoothly in and out. However, for safety and stability reasons, it’s wise to invest in a brand that allows you to lock the wheels. 

That way at night you won’t have to slide around unnecessarily. At the same time, you can be sure that the bed won’t pop out despite movements.  

Available Space

The twin platform bed with trundle is space-saving. But still, you have to consider the available space in your living room. If your room is clustered with other furniture, you’ll have to push them every night. That’s because it requires twice its space at night. 

Our Opinion On the Platform Bed with Trundle

When you have kids or teens as part of your household, the trundle bed makes a great asset to the family. You won’t then have any stress whenever your child comes along with a friend to shelter for the night.

Besides, you won’t struggle to shelter a relative or a friend for a night or so. But trundle beds don’t form a comfortable sleeping platform for the elderly or people suffering from back problems. 

That’s mainly to its low height to the ground. Moreover, the trundle often has a thinner mattress compared to the standard size. 

FAQs About Platform Beds With Trundle

Can You Use Trundle Beds Every Day?

Yes, kids and teens can comfortably sleep on trundle beds daily. Their weights harmonize with the thin mattress of the trundle bed. 

It also depends on the design and type. For example, you can use a day bed with a trundle as a chair daily in your studio. Then when you plan to work up to late it doubles as your bed. 

However, the main top bed is as comfortable as many other beds. Therefore you can use it daily. But the bottom trundle bed fits occasional use except for children. 

What is the Main Benefit of a Trundle Bed?

The chief aim of using a platform bed with a trundle is space-saving ability. When not in use it occupies a footprint of space. That’s why it finds most uses in small apartments, gust rooms and studios. But when the need arises at night, it accommodates two people. 

Does a Platform Bed with a Trundle Require a Box Spring?

A foundation bed with a trundle doesn’t require a box spring. That’s because the bed has strong slats on the frame. A mattress thus rests directly on the slats. 

Moreover, most often the trundle beds require mattresses of thickness 6 to 8 inches. Thus including a box spring will over raise its height and thus not fit the top frame allowance. 


If you have a small living room or your kids share a bedroom, a twin platform bed with trundle becomes vital. It only occupies mall space yet accommodates many persons. Occasional sleepover guests can lounge on it too.

All the foundation beds with trundles described in the post have earned positive feedback from past users. But when all factors are considered, the editor’s recommended choice is the  Max and Lily Solid Wood Platform Bed with Trundle Frame.

The Max and Lily is of natural wood that gives the classic appearance. Besides, it has high strength capacity to support up to 400lbs weight. That means it can bear the weight of most adults without buckling.

Its frame uses solid pine wood free from any knots. That means you won’t have to worry about it cracking. And besides, the sturdy slat has metal reinforcement thus promising in support and durability.  

And did I tell you that it allows adding guardrails as an extra security measure? So there are very many reasons to consider it. Otherwise, reflect on your needs and choose the best twin platform bed with trundle from any of the four.

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    • Solid Wood Twin Platform Bed with Trundle Frame by Max and Lily
    • Madison Twin Platform Bed with Trundle by Atlantic Furniture
    • Eden Daybed with Trundle by Zinus
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