Things to Consider When Buying a Twin Platform Bed Frame with Storage

The actual functionality of a bed is never put in question. Here you get the body’s relaxation, the mood, and the relationship after a hard-working day. It could affect your life if your bed is not comfortable enough for you to take a rest. So, please don’t mind paying for a worthy investment.

For those who live in small apartments where the room space is never enough to accommodate all of your belongings, the size, and type of the bed can make a significant difference in the overall look of the room. For these reasons, many people prefer a twin size platform bed frame with storage rather than the normal one to make their room more spacious.

If you wonder which is the best twin platform bed frame with storage from various choices in the market, this article will help to explore more. Keep reading to learn some helpful shopping tips to keep in mind and make a wise decision for your good resting time.

I will get you covered!

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What is a twin size platform bed with storage?

How can we keep up with all the varieties of the bed sizes in the market nowadays? Sometimes, twin size platform beds may be somewhat confusing. Do these twin size beds mean a combination of two little beds so that they can fit your kids and create a more comfortable sleep? Well, that’s not actually the case, however.

A twin size platform bed is just a single bed which is normally 39 by 75 inches. It is the most popular and universal choice for every room in your homes, especially in the US. You can find it in the hotels, students’ dorms, ships, home nursery, and more because the twin size beds’ applications are endless.

Unlike its name ‘twin size’ as a very big one, the fact is that this type of bed is quite narrow and perfectly fit in even the smallest rooms.

What is a twin size platform bed with storage?

…With Storage

Are you looking for a special twin platform bed frame or are you tired of the existing one? Now you don’t forget the most powerful thing: storage. It is a powerful highlight of this design.

Underneath these beds, there are some built-in storages which act like the drawers in your desk. And the great thing is that they create extra storage space in your homes. If you live in an apartment always lacking space, you will understand how amazing two or three extra storages would be. Moreover, it also makes your rooms more stylish and luxurious. This is exactly what you find with twin size beds that come with storage underneath. Why don’t you give them a try? They are undoubtedly a worthy investment.

Why should you buy the best twin platform bed with storage?

As mentioned, I ensure that buying a twin platform bed frame with storage is a worthy investment. If you want me to reveal more specific reasons for a storage bed frame, please read the explanations below.

Better use of space

As a normal bed, the space underneath the bed may be wasted once you put a base and mattress above it. Not using this space for any purpose is quite sad. Instead of wasting it, you can utilize the entire space with drawers connected to the bed frame. This space can be used for various purposes. If you have a divan bed, it will provide ample storage space for bedding, bed sheets and other belongings you do not need daily. Also, you can store your documents or other expensive things that you need to keep under your eyes.

Every person has something that he doesn’t want to store in common storage. The divans or drawers in the storage beds provide the perfect solution for these specifications. That’s why you need one.

Better ways for growing kids

Every parent has to change the beds as soon as their children turn into teenagers. Twin platform bed frames with storage are useful for teenagers. As usual, teenagers like to keep everything in their bedrooms so it always lacks space. Equip your children’s bedroom with a storage bed so that they have ample storage to keep their clothes, books, toys and other belongings.

Better bed for a guest room

A twin platform storage bed frame is a great idea for a guest room. That’s why this type of bed is usually placed in the kid’s room and guest room. You can store bed sheets and pillows under the bed and easily take out for your guests when they are supposed to. You even can store a whole mattress in the storage section with a divan bed.

For those reasons, many people have already switched their old beds with storage beds. Is this convincing enough?

Buy Guide: How to select a Twin Platform Bed Frame with Storage

Buy Guide: How to select?

Now you have basic knowledge about twin platform beds with storage. Do you want to own one? If so, the following tips will help you select the best frame for your twin platform storage bed that will look great for years to come. So, what are those tips? Let’s take a look.

Storage Type

First thing first, it is essential for you to consider which type of storage is suitable for your twin-size frame. Different storage choices go with different bed frames.

So, think about the amount of storage first.

You may need a little bit or a lot of space to store your stuff and belongings, that is depending on your needs. If you are the one who does not have much stuff (just things as sheets, clothes, small and simple stuff, …) or you do not want to store so many things underneath the bed, you don’t need to pay a lot of money for large drawers.

However, if you intend to store quite a lot of stuff under the bed or you have other bigger items, you will need to look for larger drawers. Make sure that you can use a great deal of them.

More: Now, there is a new design for the storage type. There are side cabinets, box springs, and bookshelves connected directly to the frame. Those types of platform designs are also another ideal option to invest in case you want plenty of storage space.

Secondly, the partitions: In every storage, look at how the portion of the area it could be.

If the storage space is divided into two or three drawers, consider whether it is too big for your stuff or not and whether it fits.

If your storage space is divided into smaller areas (four our six drawers), ensure that they are spacious enough to keep all your belongings.

In short, choose the favorable portion according to your requirements.

Last but not least, the last thing you should consider to choose the best storage type is the surroundings. This is something that people often overlook because it seems not necessary. What surroundings? The space around your twin platform bed frame with storage. Why? Maybe you forget that you need clear surroundings to pull out the drawers, right? So, if you are selecting a bed frame featuring drawers, please make sure that you will not get stuck while trying to open them.

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Types of frames

Types of frames twin size platform bed with storage

The frame is considered as the skeleton of the bed. Its responsibility is to carry the weight of your bed and your body. Therefore, it is crucial to consider this factor. A sturdy bed frame is durable for your bed, while a weak bed frame can make it easy to wear and tear.

There are 4 types of frames I recommend you to buy:

Wooden frames: Wood frames are durable, sturdy and affordable. Wood frames can add elegance to your room. Therefore, wood becomes the material not only to make bed frames but also to many household furniture.

Metal frames: Metal is timeless and metal frames are long-lasting for years to come. Metal can make your room more gorgeous and bring the feeling of a bigger space.

Fabric frames: You can have them customized to suit your needs and interior design. The right fabric can brighten your room.

Leather frames: Leather is always the symbol of luxury and nobility. It suits those who prefer the modern style. Leather frames are also durable, but vulnerable to dust so they need regular maintenance.


Quality is more important than quantity. Well, it is true for all things and the bed frame is not an exception.

A bed with poor quality is definitely something that no-one is willing to invest in, no matter what you are buying, with storage or without storage. So, look closely at the construction materials. Most twin platform bed frames are made with either heavy-duty wood or metal. There are also a lot of manufacturers which combine both these materials for construction.

Heavy-duty wood may be the best choice of material when coming to platform beds, I think. But, other materials are excellent as well. You should keep the budget in your mind when shopping for a bed frame depending on your needs. The material you need should be durable, cost-effective and maintainable.

You should follow these questions: Are there more metal or more heavy-duty wood in the materials? Does the paint look as if it could quickly chip off? Can it be scratched easily? All these questions will allow you to see if the platform bed frame would fit your needs.

The size of the room

However impressive that twin bed frame looks, it occupies more than half of your room, then you should forget it. It should not have been too big for a small room or too small for a big room, try to get the one perfect!

It should fit the size of the room or the mattress. Otherwise, your bedroom will become a mess as a bed is often the largest furniture in any bedroom. Pay attention to the spacious look of your room.

Although the best twin platform bed with storage can be a space-saving option, don’t choose it if it can break up the design of your room.


The twin size platform bed frame with storage space varies in style and construction. The style of the frame you choose relates to your preference and home design. The twin platform bed frame has different finishes to choose from, such as metal finish, simple finish, and traditional finish.

Some might look amazing with a headboard while others look perfect without it. Some wooden frames look more luxurious in a contemporary room, while white metal frames look more sparking in a modern room. That’s the reason why you should consider the design of your room before getting one home.

A suitable style of bed frame can make a massive change in your bedroom. Whether you want a modern or traditional style, twin size platform bed frames are available in various styles that you will love. Opting for the right style is paramount.

Some more considerations

The insights of your partner

Supposing that you have a ‘bedmate’, you should ask for her idea when changing a bed. Imagine when you bring a bed frame home, your partner may find it unattractive and show a little bit unsatisfactory towards the new frames. I guess you do not want to get into that trouble, right? Therefore, don’t overlook your partner’s insights, both you should look for a bed frame together, she can find out something that you could have missed.

Test the bed frame

It is never worthless testing the bed frame before buying it. This can help you estimate whether it is perfect for your sleep. You should check the storage as well and find out whether the drawers are intact or not and promptly reflect this to the Customs Service to avoid any trouble, ask for a return if necessary. Also, don’t forget to take the space into consideration.


We have known how to select the best twin platform bed frame with storage that can help you save a tremendous amount of space. They are unique to enhance the aesthetics of the room with a special design. Such a wide range of twin platform beds with storage, choosing the right one for your home might be a little bit tricky. According to the information we provide you above, I hope you will point out the best twin platform frame which meets your requirements.

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  • 2. Why should you buy the best twin platform bed with storage?
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    • Better ways for growing kids
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  • 3. Buy Guide: How to select a Twin Platform Bed Frame with Storage
    • Storage Type
    • Types of frames
    • Durability
    • The size of the room
    • Design
  • 4. Some more considerations
    • The insights of your partner
    • Test the bed frame
  • 5. Conclusion