Things to Know About Tatami Platform Bed Frame

The use of platform beds has penetrated many countries, races, and ethnic communities. Part of the reason is the comfort it offers. Besides, it comes in different designs and tastes. On the same note, have you ever heard of the Tatami platform bed?

Things to Know About Tatami Platform Bed Frame
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What is the Tatami Platform Bed?

These foundation beds have their roots back in the Japanese community. Traditionally, the Japanese enjoy sleeping as close to the floor as possible. And when you walk into those Asian homes, you are likely to find Tatami mats in the bedroom and even the living room. 

Most traditional Japanese find it very comfortable to sleep directly on the Tatami mat on the floor. It is this Tatami mat that gave rise to the Tatami platform bed. Characteristically, it presents a low height, close to the ground.  

The Japanese-styled bed is just like other foundation beds with the exception of a few but significant features. It has sturdy slats and often employs Tatami mats as the inserts. Ideally, you should lay the Tatami mats on the slats then finalize it with the futon. However, if you don’t wish to use the mats, then lay the mattress directly on the foundation bed. 

And How is the Tatami Mat Made?

The mats feature weaving technology with a mixture of grass and rice straws. First, the rice straws form the core material. Next, the rush grass is carefully woven to encase the core material. That forms the traditional mattress. Sometimes a board or polystyrene form can be integrated into the base. 

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Things to Know About Tatami Platform Bed Frame
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Top 11 Features and Benefits of the Tatami Platform Bed

Portrays the Unique Taste of Japanese fashion and Culture

Owing to its low height and unique design, many people admire this Japanese bed style. Hence if you want to give your bedroom a unique makeover with a dash of Asian culture, the Tatami foundation bed fits the description. 

Its low height and minimalist look arrest attention. Your visitors will then be left in awe and amazement at the elegance of your room. If you have ever idolized Asian music and culture, then this is a crucial piece of asset. To exaggerate the Japanese culture you can include two additional mats in your bedroom.

The extra mats will not only emphasize the Asian culture but serve additional roles like the following;

  • Floor decoration
  • Meditation platform
  • Alternative sitting surfaces

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

As said earlier, these beds mostly do not need bolts or nails. Instead, the frame is carefully crafted and designed to present an exact fit and locking technology. And do you know what that means? It simplifies the assembly process. You don’t have to buy many assembly tools. On the other hand, such a boltless arrangement further allows for quick and easy disjointing. 

Accommodates Ordinary Mattresses as Well

Ideally, Tatami mats make the best insert for these beds. Moreover, the mats exist in standard sizes and widely available in most leading stores. However, if you wish to change to the Tatami style but maintain your current mattress, then it’s possible.

Remember, like all other foundation beds, these also feature sturdy slats as the base. Consequently, it doesn’t restrict you to the use of the mat. Moreover, that helps to cut down on the price. You only need a frame that matches your existing mattress. 

Supports the Healthy Sleeping Posture

When you ask many health professionals, you’ll realize they support the point that Japanese platform beds offer significant health benefits. For example, it provides firm support to your body. Consequently, your neck, back, and head assume the correct body posture. Thus you wake up feeling relaxed with no backaches.

Therefore, if you had previously developed complications and suffer regular backache, then you need to mind about your sleeping posture. What could be a better way other than swapping to a Tatami platform bed? 

Doubles as Bedroom Seat

When you want to have private talks, especially as adults, one of the first places you can think of, is the bedroom. Consequently, you may need a piece of furniture in your sleeping chamber. 

But, if you run short of seats, a Tatami bed can as well double as your seat. Moreover, it’s cozy and thus will allow you to hold a personal discussion without developing fatigue. 

Sturdy and Comfortable 

One of the top priorities you must consider before buying a bed is its level of comfort. This low-profiled Asian bed doesn’t lag when it comes to comfort. First, it features a low profile with a robust wood framework. That makes it sturdy and stable for even a sleeper who considers himself obese.

Next, the interior employs durable slats. When you match it to the firm, Tatami mats you get a comfortable bed that won’t easily bend or squeaks.

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Keeps the Futon Dry and Mold Free 

The westernized Tatami platform bed has slightly raised bed edges. Consequently, you can lay the mat on the slats before finally resting your futon. Such an arrangement adds to the firmness and prolongs the lifespan of the mattress. 

Spreading the Tatami mat on the slats raises the mattress further from the ground. Moreover, it’s adequately aerated. Air passes through the slats, mat, and finally the futon. So by improving its ventilation, the mattress remains dry and keeps away mold. 

Things to Know About Tatami Platform Bed Frame
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Infant Friendly

Kids have an unstoppable desire to roll over in their sleep. Some carry over the practice to their toddler and even preteen age. Falling over from a tall bed may lead to lots of fractures to the infant. 

But when you have a Tatami bed, you reduce the chances of sustaining a fatal accident significantly. Instead of falling over from a lofty height, your baby is relatively safe by staying close to the ground level as possible. 

Simple to Climb and Dismount

Several reasons may make a low-lying bed desirable. For example, if you are aged or recovering from a limb fracture, then you desire a structure that’s easy to get onto and off too. You may not always have someone to assist you. A Japanese-styled bed makes that easy by allowing you to sleep close to the ground.  

Employs Unique Craftsmanship Requiring no Bolts

The strength of a bed partly lies in how sturdy the joints are. Weak joints, often lead to unpleasant screeches. To counter such problems, Tatami beds feature solid wood. 

The one-piece planks are then designed to uniquely fit into each other and lock. Accordingly, you either need a few or no bolts at all, even at the corners. 

Produces a Soothing and Calming Scent

An authentic Tatami mat features a combination of rice straws and rush grass. Consequently, it produces a unique scent when either dry or green. According to the Asian community, it is believed that the unique smell possesses a calming and soothing effect. Thus, it eases you to sleep quickly. 


The Tatami platform bed boasts a unique low-profile design. Besides, it uses solid sustainable hardwood. With superior craftsmanship, it presents boltless jointing. When you add the Tatami mat and futon, it promises a firm and even sleeping surface.  

Being close to the ground, it offers unparalleled stability. Whether you are of advanced age, or invalid, this is the timeless asset you can’t afford to miss. Erect it in your bedroom, throw a few Tatami mats around, and you have a real Japanese taste in the air. 

So, now is the time to make your bedroom unique with irresistible elegance. Do it with the Titami platform bed. 

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  • 3. Top 11 Features and Benefits of the Tatami Platform Bed
    • Portrays the Unique Taste of Japanese fashion and Culture
    • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble
    • Accommodates Ordinary Mattresses as Well
    • Supports the Healthy Sleeping Posture
    • Doubles as Bedroom Seat
    • Sturdy and Comfortable 
    • Keeps the Futon Dry and Mold Free 
    • Infant Friendly
    • Simple to Climb and Dismount
    • Employs Unique Craftsmanship Requiring no Bolts
    • Produces a Soothing and Calming Scent