The Complete Guide to Choosing a Platform Bed for a Newlywed Couple

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Platform Bed for a Newlywed Couple
The Complete Guide to Choosing a Platform Bed for a Newlywed Couple

There is much more to look for when buying a platform bed for a newlywed couple than the size. One should consider the material, style, and color among other things. There is also the fact that some beds have footboards and headboards while others don’t. 

It is about the comfort, the appearance of the room, and how well it blends with the style of the bedroom. 

Should Newlywed Couple Sleep Together or Separately

Traditionally and in most cultures, couples are meant to sleep together. If they don’t, then people conclude they have marital issues and are no longer willing to sleep in the same bed. If a newlywed couple decides to sleep separately, they do not want other people to know since it will look abnormal. It is a kind of stereotyping that many have. 

It seems that love does not exist, and it is an unromantic marriage. People come up with a multitude of conclusions. 

With this in mind, should a newlywed couple sleep together or separately? There are advantages and disadvantages to whichever option they take. 

Newlyweds who sleep in the same bed get to connect better. They can cuddle as much as they want, and this strengthens their bond. Also, they enjoy pillow talk more, enhance a feeling of security which helps in building a healthy relationship.

On the other hand, sleeping in separate beds is still supported. More homes are being built with separate master bedrooms, while some couples decided to have separate beds in the same room. Couples go for this option for a variety of reasons such as health issues and comfort. They will enjoy undisrupted sleep by someone next to them.

Even when a couple decides to sleep separately, they should have an arrangement where they should sleep together some nights. Besides the comfort, they get if they are in separate beds, they also need intimacy. The option they take highly depends on their preferences. 

What do couples starting to live together need for a platform bed

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Platform Bed for a Newlywed Couple
What do couples starting to live together need for a platform bed

Couples that are just starting a life together need to buy a platform bed that is comfortable and stylish. The flat base and the profile of being low to the ground are some of the most common features of a platform bed. These beds are not only cost-effective, but are also flexible, and space-friendly. Also, they are comfortable, and the only thing that you need to check is the design, size, style, and color that appeals to you most. 

There is a multitude of things that a couple just starting to live together should check. 

A Bed That Maximizes Storage

If you are living in a rental house or apartment, you can attest that space is a luxury. When selecting a platform bed, for one that has storage. It is where extra items such as clothes and books can be stored to create more space in the bedroom. The mattress will have firm support and will be sturdier.

A Bed with a Headboard and Footboard

A platform bed with a headboard and footboard is a great choice. There are numerous designs that the couple can choose from. It can be upholstered, paneled, or solid among other options. You will enjoy enhanced stability, bedding will be well-tucked in, and they minimize movement. 

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Consider Choosing the Right Mattress before Choosing a Bed Frame

For one to sleep well, both the bed and the mattress play a vital role. Even with the best bed, if a mattress is not well chosen, it may translate to sleepless nights. What you choose should offer enough comfort and support for better sleep that enhances good health. For this reason and more, you should choose yours wisely. 

Why Choose a Mattress

A mattress is crucial in all aspects of great sleep and good health. A good mattress offers the right comfort level, fits in the bed well, and gives the right support. Due to this, you must choose one. You cannot go to the store and buy just any of them. You will end up regretting not taking the time to choose a good one. 

When you test the mattress, and you are sure it will offer the necessary support, you can be assured of the right sleeping posture. You can sleep comfortably knowing that you will not be compromising your health and sleep. 

Choosing means that you try before buying. How do you know it is best if you do not sleep on it for long? You can lie on it for about five minutes, and if it feels comfortable and supportive, then it is the right one. This is how you know it meets your requirements. 

Another reason you should choose one is that you get what meets your personal preferences. Of course, you want uninterrupted nights due to discomfort, and you also want to get value for your money. What better way to do it than choose a mattress that meets your preferences?

Also, you will be able to check one that reduces partner disturbance if you are a couple. Keep in mind that while you are searching for a mattress, you should never cut corners. 

Consider Choosing the Right Mattress before Choosing a Bed Frame
Consider Choosing the Right Mattress before Choosing a Bed Frame

What Are The Popular Mattress Types?

There are numerous types of mattresses in the market today. Five types include; innerspring, airbed, foam, hybrid, and latex. As you search for one as a couple, there are some basics that you should know. What sets them apart? What are they made of? How comfortable are they, and what are the reviews?


It is one of the most popular types of mattresses that has been in use for ages. One reason they are popular is that they are more affordable compared to some other types. Its support system is coil-based and has a bouncier sleeping surface. The only downside is that they do not offer pressure relief. 

Innerspring offers support thanks to the coils and come with limited motion isolation. 


Perhaps the most famous type of mattress, the foam does not include any coils. Instead, it is made of foam and offers all you need in a mattress. The most common of them is memory foam. As a couple, and especially when you are side sleepers, it is an excellent option. 

It offers more than pressure relief. In addition to this, it provides proper motion isolation and excellent contouring of the body. It simply means that it conforms to the shape of the sleeper. It is hard for them to remain in the shape of a sleeper and instead get back to their normal shape when not in use. 


Although the true or all-latex mattresses offer moderate contouring of the body, they give excellent bounce. This is for the ones that are made with latex rubber. It is a popular option for most people and if you are an eco-conscious person, look no further. Some of these mattresses are made of organic and natural latex. 


Whether you are a stomach, side, or back sleeper, this will be appropriate. The mattresses are designed with a substantial foam comfort system and an innerspring support core. In some instances, there are micro-coils, latex, or foam in the comfort layers. The benefit of hybrid mattresses is that they provide a certain level of body countering and bounce. The only downside to it is that it has low heat retention. 


This is one of the most flexible types that a couple can get. Imagine sleeping on one bed, and both of you have a firmness level they are comfortable with! It is possible with airbeds that have an air chamber as the support core. There is a pump inside the mattress that helps in setting the desired firmness. To control the air, you can use a remote or a smartphone. 

Tips on Choosing a Mattress for a Couple

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Platform Bed for a Newlywed Couple
Tips on Choosing a Mattress for a Couple

There are a few things that should influence the purchase of a mattress for a couple. It could be the desired firmness level, one that is comfortable for hip, upper, or lower back pain. Also, you should consider what kind of sleepers you are and the cost.

There are varieties of types, designs, and thicknesses. Considering that you and your partner could be different kinds of sleepers, the mattress must meet the requirements of both. Both of you must be comfortable when sleeping. 

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The Type

One of the things to check when choosing a mattress for a couple is the type. Do you want foam, innerspring, airbed, hybrid, or latex? If you wish for one that gives you flexibility in terms of firmness, then go for an airbed. It offers varying levels of firmness with a touch of a button. If you prefer one that contours your bed well and adjusts movements, then a foam mattress would be ideal. 


Another thing to consider when buying a mattress is its firmness. How hard or soft do you want it? The kind of sleeper you are will help determine it. It must feel right, and you should not toss and turn the whole night trying to get a comfortable position.

Heavy sleepers that are over 200 pounds can opt for a firm, medium, or extra firm one. Below 150 pounds can opt for soft, extra, or medium-soft ones. It is also crucial to consider whether the couple is a side sleeper, back, or stomach sleeper. 

Health Issues

The mattress that you choose as a couple must offer pressure relief. It will prevent back issues, whether it is acute or chronic back pain.

One of you could be having back pain issues. One of the body areas to be protected is the lower back. Millions of people across the globe have this problem. If a mattress is too soft or firm, or one sleeps in the wrong posture, it could lead to lower back pain. Everybody must be well supported and for those with this problem, a medium or soft mattress is ideal.

Body Types

This is about the weight and the body shape of the sleepers. Regardless of how heavy one is, one must be comfortable and maintain a good posture. For proper spinal alignment, heavy sleepers will require a firmer mattress than light ones. 

Sleeping Style

Sleeping style plays a significant role when choosing a mattress. Based on it, there are specific parts that need unconditional support for proper spinal alignment. If you are a back sleeper, you should avoid a mattress that is too soft. This position puts pressure on the lower back, and if the surface is soft, it puts a strain. The best option would be a medium or firm mattress. 

If you or your partner is a stomach sleeper, a firm mattress will be ideal. Most of the pressure while sleeping is on the lumbar spine. It is not a comfortable position and not good for your health. 

Medium soft and firm mattresses are the best for side sleepers. Most of the pressure is on the hips and shoulders. It should neither be too soft nor too firm if proper posture to be maintained. 

Perhaps, you are more comfortable when you sleep in different positions. You are not a back, stomach, or side sleeper. If this is the case, the position that you sleep on most of the time will determine the type of mattress that you buy. Medium firmness will be an excellent option.

What Size Platform Bed for a Couple?

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Platform Bed for a Newlywed Couple
What Size Platform Bed for a Couple?

The bed size is one of the essential things to consider when purchasing a platform bed, especially for a couple. It is crucial that the bed isolates motion as preferred. After all, how can you have a restful night if there is no motion isolation? Sleeping habits also determine the size as some need more space than others. At the end of the day, a couple should not go for a small size such as a twin or a double platform bed. If the bedroom is big, go for a big bed.

Standard King Size Platform Bed

Due to its width (it is the widest of platform beds), it is highly recommended for couples. It offers the most space with dimensions of 76 inches x 80 inches. The size is compared to two XL twin beds when they are put together. It is a sufficient sleeping area to accommodate a baby. If the bedroom is more than 10 inches x 12 inches, this platform bed will be ideal.

Standard Queen Size Platform Bed

With dimensions of 60 x 80 inches, it fits two people comfortably. It is one of the most common bed sizes in the market today. The advantage is that it offers plenty of sleeping areas even when one sleeper keeps tossing and turning. 

Double Platform Bed

If the bedroom is small, a couple can opt to purchase a full or double-size platform bed. It is not as spacious as king and queen sizes, as it offers 54 inches x 75 inches. It fits well if the room is 10 inches x 12 inches and above. Alternatively, they can choose a full XL which is ideal for taller people. The width is the same, but the XL one is longer by 5 inches.

I Want to Co-sleep with My Baby in the Future: What Kind of Platform Bed is Right for Me?

I Want to Co-sleep with My Baby in the Future: What Kind of Platform Bed is Right for Me
I Want to Co-sleep with My Baby in the Future: What Kind of Platform Bed is Right for Me?

When a couple wants to bond more as a family, they sleep together with kids. If kids, parents, and perhaps pets are to sleep together, the bed must be big enough and comfortable. Rather than purchasing a traditional king-size bed since it is the widest, you can get one that is not standard. Some have a width of up to 144 inches.

The kind of platform bed that is right must be large enough. This is if everyone is to have a good night’s sleep. 

One of the things to consider is the height of the bed. Since there is a baby involved, it is advisable to select one that is lower-to-the ground. It will make it easy for them to get in and out.

Style preferences are also something else to consider. What style will match the décor of the bedroom? It depends on your preferences and how well you can make them blend. 

Choosing a Platform Bed for Couples by Function

It is paramount that the platform bed the couple chooses is multifunctional. The good thing is that there are different types of them to choose from. For example, choosing a storage bed explains this. It is a bed with storage mostly underneath it. This enhances stability, comfort, and sturdiness while at the same time maximizing storage space.

Choosing a Platform Bed for Couples by Materials

Platform beds are crafted from different materials such as wood, metal, and upholstery among others. It depends on your preferences as a couple and what you believe will blend in well with the style of the bedroom. 

Metal Platform Beds

Metal platform beds are quite popular due to their durability. Most manufacturers craft beds of iron and steel. Whether you prefer a modern, industrial, or minimalist style, it is available. Also, they can be curved in varieties of styles, designs, and sizes.

Upholstered Platform Beds

Upholstered platform beds are ideal when you want a feel and look of luxury. For example, when it is upholstered in genuine or faux leather. The frame is crafted of wood, and you can choose your preferred fabric in different colors, patterns, and textures. These beds enhance comfort while sitting up since they are fitted with foam under the upholstery. If you are going for this option, make sure you can maintain it. The material tends to collect dirt, dust, and grease. If not well taken care of, there is a possibility it will develop dents and grease spots.

Wood Platform Beds

If you prefer a timeless style as a couple, a wooden platform bed will be excellent. Manufacturers are flexible with wood as the beds are available in different decorative styles, colors, and designs. 

Choosing a Platform Bed for Couples According to Your Budget?

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Platform Bed for a Newlywed Couple
Choosing a Platform Bed for Couples According to Your Budget?

A platform bed is a serious investment, and that is the reason one should get value for their money. There are beds worth thousands of dollars, and there are others that cost below a hundred dollars. Thus, pricing is a must consider when planning to get one. 

When choosing a bed, its budget is not the only thing you should think about. Consider if there is bedding to be bought, mattress, and other furniture.

The type of construction and type of material are some things to consider. This is because they are a significant determinant of price. Also, the brand, where it is made and sold will determine the cost. If you are on a tight budget, keep in mind that you can either choose a low-quality one or wait when there are sales in stores. 

Always choose a platform bed that you can afford but do not skimp on quality. 


Platform beds are space and money savers. A couple looking for one should consider the size, the material, design, and style. The most important thing is to make sure it offers enough sleeping area, it is sturdy and comfortable. The best and most common materials are metal, wood, and upholstered.

A headboard enhances the bedroom and comfort, especially when you sit up in bed. Additionally, when it is paired with a footboard, they keep the bedding in place. Besides getting a comfortable bed, they should consider a comfy mattress.

If a couple plans to be sleeping as a family including a baby, then they must get the right bed. Although there are customized ones, a king-size platform bed is excellent if they have one baby.

When choosing a mattress, it is essential to test it. Even when buying a bed, you should ask as many questions as they pop up in your mind. You should only invest your hard-earned money if you are satisfied. When testing the mattress, make sure you are in comfortable clothes to avoid misjudgment.

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