Tall Platform Bed Vs. Low Platform Bed: Which is Better?

Tall Platform Bed Vs. Low Platform Bed: Which is Better?

There are many reasons to try out a tall platform bed: the extra storage space, easy to climb in and out, and its aesthetics. If your budget allows, you can buy a brand new frame. Otherwise here’s how to raise your low platform bed to a high profile design

Have you ever thought of sleeping on a tall platform bed but can’t afford a new one? It’s possible to modify your existing bed to acquire new height. 

A new raised bed frame may attract a high price tag. And that may not be an option for everyone. 

Besides, discarding your current firm and comfortable bed isn’t easy. So upgrading your current foundation bed frame seems a logical idea.

So stick to the end, and you’ll learn several ways to accomplish that!

What’s the Proper Platform Bed Height?

Generally, platform beds sit low on the ground. However, the average foundation bed stands about 18 inches above the floor. That is 12 inches for the frame and 6 inches for the mattress thickness. 

People vary in height and flexibility. Moreover, some also have underlying health conditions. So the average bed frame height may not make everyone comfortable. 

And so, you may feel like boosting the height of your bed by a couple of inches. 

How to Know the Bed Height is Right for You?

How to Know the Bed Height is Right for You

Choosing the appropriate bed height that makes you comfortable may offer challenges. Therefore how do you know the right bed height for you?

As a take away here are two tests to tell if the bed is of the right height for you or not:

  • Compare the height of the bed with that of the chair you find comfortable to sit on. 
  • While sitting at the edge of the bed, your knees and hips should level flat. 

When choosing your ideal bed height, think of the following factors:

Current Age

One of the prime factors to reflect on is your current age. As we age, our mobility goes down. Accordingly, the elderly are more concerned about bed height than the younger generation. 

With the advancement in age, pain in the cartilage and joints grow into a reality. A bed that sits extremely low to the ground worsens the pain.

On the other hand, children aren’t so much obsessed with bed height. All that matters is a safe height to climb in and out of the mattress.

Your Height

The height of the sleeper is directly proportional to the length of the platform bed above the floor. And you can test that by sitting at the edge of the bed frame. 

While on that posture, the knee should align with the hips. In other words, they must be at the same height if the bed suits you. 

Comfortable to Climb On and Off

The average bed stands at about 16 to 25 inches. On such a platform, climbing on and off should not strain your body. Such a height allows your feet to touch the ground happily. The best test is to sit on the bed and feel comfort or discomfort. 

Height of the Mattress 

Remember, mattresses come in a variety of layers and thicknesses. At the same time, its thickness contributes to the height of the bed. Moreover, toppers further add height. So when deciding the right height, factor in the thickness of the mattress you’ll use. 

Chronic Pain

When you or your partner suffer from chronic diseases, sleeping may be difficult. For example, fibromyalgia is one such chronic disease. 

Getting in and out of bed for such persons is straining. An ill-fitting bed height may only worsen an already painful task. 

Advantages of Tall Platform Bed

Advantages of Tall Platform Bed

There are several advantages to having a tall platform bed. The major ones include the following:

More Storage Space

One of the outstanding advantages of platform beds is the storage space. However, sometimes you may have a box that just can’t fit under the bed clearance. Boosting the bed clearance offers you more storage space for even large boxes. 

Better Room Organization

A low-height bed that sits on the floor deprives valuable storage space. Hence even in a small room, your items may clutter around.

But when you have a tall platform bed, you can stuff the items in a storage box. Then you can push the storage box under the bed. That leads to more space and room organization. 

Easy to climb In and Out of Bed

Let’s face the truth; climbing out of a low profile bed is straining. That’s especially true for the elderly and those with back problems. Tall platform beds make it less straining. Rolling out from the elevated height is easy. 

Easy Wheeling 

Some tall beds do have wheels. When you compare to those that have no caster wheels, they are easy to move. The caster wheels minimize friction. Thus you can push it from one spot to another.  

More ground clearance for easy cleaning

Some platform bed sits extremely low on the floor. The limited ground clearance makes cleaning under the bed very demanding.

A tall platform bed makes it easy to access the space beneath. Thus cleaning the dirt and dust becomes easier even with a vacuum cleaner. 

Less Bending to Make the Beds

The initial task after waking up is spreading the bed. When you have a low-profile bed, it means bending down every morning to accomplish the task. A tall platform bed makes making the bed less stressful.

A Classic Piece of Equipment

Owing to its height and design tall platform bed won’t lose its taste. It’s a timeless bed. You can sleep on it for ages. 

Advantages of Low Platform Beds

Advantages of Low Platform Beds

Presents Cool and Minimalist Appearance

When you set up a low platform bed in a room, it can help create an effect of a minimalist look. Therefore when you are mindful about your room decoration and appearance, the low profile bed. 

Moreover, as it stands low to the ground, it produces the effect of a room appearing bigger than it is. Besides, the low profile gives the platform beds a look that transcends all seasons. 

Safer for Kids

Most kids roll and toss about in their sleep. A tall platform bed with no side rails thus exposes the child to danger. 

A low-profile bed, in that case, seems a better option. Even if the toddler rolls off and falls, the low profile means fewer chances of serious injuries. 

Feels Cool

Some regions feel hot during the night. In such circumstances, sleeping closer to the ground brings about some cooling effect. That way, you are closer to drifting to sleep faster and enjoying quality time. 

Daily Mini Exercise

Well, the difficulty of climbing the low bed can be a blessing. It means you have to perform squats and exercise your body every day. 

Low vs Tall Platform Bed: Which One Should You Choose?

Both the low profile and high profile platform beds have their strong and weak points. Therefore it all comes down to personal choice and the prevailing conditions. 

For instance, the children and those living in hot places may prefer low platform beds. On the other hand, adults living in small rooms may need the extra storage space of the tall platform beds. Besides, those living with back problems or the elderly may prefer high platform beds.

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Can You Raise a Platform Bed? And The risks that you face when lifting It

Can You Raise a Platform Bed

Sleeping on a raised platform bed has its share of benefits. But can you raise your existing platform bed? The short answer is yes. One of the pieces of equipment you can use is a bed riser. 

However, you may raise it to a height that feels uncomfortable for you. Besides, if you don’t use the bed risers that can withstand the full weight capacity of the bed and its occupants, it can collapse. 

Ways to Make your Platform Bed Higher

There are many ways of raising a low-profile platform bed to a taller one. Here are the common ways of doing so:

Bed Risers

One of the prime ways of boosting the height of the bed is using bed risers. They are easy to set up and won’t cost you a fortune. All you need is to place each riser under each leg. 

Beds have different weight capacities. Thus the risers also exist of different sizes and weight capacities. Further, there are adjustable and stackable bed risers. 

That means you need to know how tall you need to boost your bed. Bed risers can be of plastic, wood, or metal.

Mattress Topper

When bed risers look too involving to try, consider a mattress topper. A topper becomes ideal when you don’t need the underside bed storage provision. 

Besides boosting height, mattress toppers are simple to install and add comfort to the sleeping platform. Nevertheless, they only add only a few inches in height. Bed risers, on the other hand, add a significant amount of inches to the bed height. 


You can boost the height of your bed by a few inches by adding wheels. Besides, it also makes the platform bed more movable. But after installing wheels, you may need to install bed skirts. That gives the frame a more professional look.

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FAQs for Tall Platform Bed

01. How Tall is Too Tall for a Bed?

The height of your bed should make you comfortable. When you wake up to sit on the edge of the bed, your feet should reach the ground happily. At the same time, the knee level up with the hips.
So if your feet hang or can barely touch the ground, then it’s extremely high for you. On the other hand, if your feet touch the ground and let your knee protrude high above the hips, then it’s very low for you. 

02. Are High Beds Out of Style?

Not really. High beds aren’t out of style. A high bed with a matching mattress and pillow will never grow out of style. That kind of bed is not bound by time. So you can use it for ages without feeling it looks odd in your bedroom. 

03. How High Should a Bed be for an Elderly Person?

Remember bed height should correspond to the height of the sleeper. The elderly group has low mobility. Consequently, they can easily fall off from a platform bed that is too tall for them.
The average bed stands at 25 inches off the floor. So a height of about 23 inches should fit the average elderly person. 

04. Is It Good to Have a High Bed?

When you have an aching back or reside in a tiny room, you’ll appreciate the benefit of a tall bed. The extra can store your valuables in a box or briefcase. 

05. Is 32 Inches Too High for a Bed?

Tall people need a raised sleeping platform to feel comfortable. So when you combine platform bed frame and mattress height, it should stand not more than 33 inches high. 
On average, a height of 30 to 32 inches is visually appealing and comfortable for many people. So the person of average height will find 32 inches adequate. However, if you are short it may not match your height. 

06. Does Bed Height Affect Sleep?

Bed height may not affect the quality of sleep. But sleep is a vital part of our daily life. You don’t require abed that gives you a difficult time to climb in or out. 
Such a bed makes retiring to bed an uphill task not worth looking forward to. Besides, if a platform bed is extremely high, it may encourage accidents. 

 Conclusion: Tall Platform Bed Vs. Low Platform Bed

There are many potential benefits of tall platform beds. When you need more storage space and wish to roll off from the bed easily, it looks promising. 

Even the elderly and those suffering from chronic back diseases can benefit from raised platform beds. And above all, it can add an aesthetic value to your bedroom. 

  • 1. What’s the Proper Platform Bed Height?
  • 2. How to Know the Bed Height is Right for You?
    • Current Age
    • Your Height
    • Comfortable to Climb On and Off
    • Height of the Mattress 
    • Chronic Pain
  • 3. Advantages of Tall Platform Bed
    • More Storage Space
    • Better Room Organization
    • Easy to climb In and Out of Bed
    • Easy Wheeling 
    • More ground clearance for easy cleaning
    • Less Bending to Make the Beds
    • A Classic Piece of Equipment
  • 4. Advantages of Low Platform Beds
    • Presents Cool and Minimalist Appearance
    • Safer for Kids
    • Feels Cool
    • Daily Mini Exercise
  • 5. Low vs Tall Platform Bed: Which One Should You Choose?
  • 6. Can You Raise a Platform Bed? And The risks that you face when lifting It
  • 7. Ways to Make your Platform Bed Higher
    • Bed Risers
    • Mattress Topper
    • Wheels 
  • 8. FAQs for Tall Platform Bed
  • 9.  Conclusion: Tall Platform Bed Vs. Low Platform Bed