Ranking Of The Best Platform Bed Manufacturers

For you to purchase a platform bed from an online platform, you must fully trust their work. Items like furniture are crucial and need to be constructed with the utmost professionalism to be durable. If a manufacturer has terrible reviews on their product, other potential customers will flee to those with good reviews.

For this reason, manufacturers ensure that they have created the best design styles to suit customer needs. Also, manufacturers must ensure quality delivery at all times to develop customer loyalty. Below is a list of trusted platform bed manufacturers for the year 2023.

Ranking Of The Best Platform Bed Manufacturers For The Year 2021

Zinus Inc

Zinus Inc is a rapidly growing mattress and furniture company that manufactures quality products for its potential customers. The international company has over forty years of experience in the home décor industry. They deal with all bed-related accessories, and the products are all available on amazon.

After purchasing a platform bed from Zinus, you will not incur any transaction cost as they got you covered. Once you receive the product, they allow you to test the bed after assembling it, and if you do not like it, they will come to collect the bed themselves. If you happen to like the bed, you will be awarded a five-year warranty.

Zinus Inc platform beds are crafted carefully with the finest materials, and the best tools are used to bring out professionalism in every piece. They offer their products at affordable prices, especially if you look at them from a quality perspective. 

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Winston Porter

Combining conventional design with present-time themes and makes, Winston Porter provides every home with the finest of the two. Sophisticated designs and colorful acrylics bring in luxury and coziness, whereas the vivid graphic chintz brings in an enliven extra-ordinary style. If you are looking for a manufacture that will offer the best quality products at a lower price, Winston Porter is the way to go.

The company deals with all bed-related items such as pillows, duvets, and bedsheets and in 2021 was rated as the second in position for having quality and affordable products. Customers who have experienced their products’ services have given a positive review and assured them that they would come back for more. If you want to associate yourself with classic platform beds, Winston Porter is your dealer.

Ranking Of The Best Platform Bed Manufacturers For The Year 2021

South Shore Furniture

The South Shore Furniture company was first debuted in Quebec, the year 1940, and since then, the company has flourished due to its quality products. The company supplies North America with ready to assemble bedroom furniture, including platform beds and dressers. Anyone who owns a platform bed by South Shore will tell you how comfortable their mattresses are.

The platform beds are crafted with the finest materials, which in return gives out the best quality products. At the South Shore Furniture store, you will find all sorts of bed design styles to suit any bedroom and end up bringing out elegance in the simplest form. There are various bed types available in the market, some of them being award winners. 

Gracie Oaks

Gracie Oaks has risen to be one of the most liked furniture dealers in America. The company is known for its creativity and uniqueness as they majorly focus on producing country/cottage and modern farmhouse-themed platform beds. Gracie Oaks gained popularity because of this strategy and is now the fourth most popular platform bed manufacturer.

Their platform beds are easy to assemble, and with the help of two adults, you will manage to complete the installations. If you want a platform bed that will stand out in your bedroom despite the presence of another décor, Gracie Oaks is the place to go. In the olden days, a lot of people used to think that country themes were meant for the olden days. The fact is this theme is often underrated, and when Gracie Oaks ventured into this particular field, they opened people’s eyes. Now everyone can attest that the theme is classic and sophisticated, yet simple.

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Ranking Of The Best Platform Bed Manufacturers For The Year 2021
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Mercury Row 

Mercury Row anchors on the ease of coolness, where bold furniture elevates any home. They believe that with the right design style and décor, any home can be lifted from nothing to something. Whether you have a small space in your bedroom or a large one, Mercury Row is ready to give you the best platform bed to suit your needs.

Their products range from the most miniature platform bed, a twin bed, to California King, the largest. If you want a custom-made platform bed, they can do it for you at a very affordable price. Mercury Row is loved for its unique and professionally built platform beds that ensure their users are having a good night’s sleep. When purchasing a platform bed, you should get one only from experienced manufacturers to avoid any disappointments.

Mercury Row’s growth curve has been tremendous lately, and for this reason, they managed to be in the top five best-ranked platform bed manufacturers. Their products swiftly balance ease with sophistication to bring out the elegance in every piece of furniture. At Mercury Row, they believe that there is no limit to providing quality products and that every customer should get value for their money. This is also why their products are pocket-friendly. 

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When it comes to getting yourself a platform bed, you should only trust the best of the best. Only buy products from manufacturers who receive positive reviews about their products to avoid being exploited. A bed is a must-have piece of furniture that should be taken seriously. Get the best quality platform beds of any size from the manufacturers, as mentioned earlier, and you will not be disappointed. 

Remember that the style must meet quality no matter the situation, and if the platform bed does not tick these two main factors, you should not choose it. Also, do not be tempted to purchase platform beds from manufactures that offer low prices. There is a high possibility of being issued poor-quality platform beds unless they are giving out offers in such a situation. 

  • 1. Zinus Inc
  • 2. Winston Porter
  • 3. South Shore Furniture
  • 4. Gracie Oaks
  • 5. Mercury Row 
    • Conclusion