Japanese Style Platform Bed and Their Benefits

Japanese Style Platform Bed and Their Benefits

Japanese Style Platform Bed

Japan is an Asian country popular for its rich heritage. They are particularly famous for their designs and innovations in the field of furniture. Japanese platform beds are spacious and self-sufficient. Their comfort and designs have made them accessible across the globe. Another reason why the Japanese bed style is highly preferred is because of their closeness to the ground. Even more, they are highly affordable.

Different styles used to manufacture these beds will help you differentiate between various types available in the market. You need to know these characteristics before choosing the most appropriate Japanese bed for your bedroom. Given the number of options available for you in the market, finding the right platform bed can be overwhelming. It is essential to find the right balance between comfort and blend.

Low Lying Design

The easiest way of identifying a Japanese bed is by looking at its low-lying design. Historically Japanese prefer low-lying beds. The foundation has rails and side rails measuring 7 inches in height and has a slat system nested two inches below the bed frame. If you have visited Japan, you will realize that they love sleeping on the floor, and a low-lying bed provides a platform closest to the floor.

After identifying the low-profile element, consider other factors such as wood, natural hues, linen, and leather. As you keep the size of your bedroom in mind, find its décor theme. A Japanese platform bed will offer you an ideal combination that will guarantee sound and comfortable sleep. 

Wrap Around the Bed Frame

For many people, aesthetics plays a vital role when selecting a bed to take home. Sleeping on a tatami mat laid on the floor was a common practice in Japan decades ago. Well, you can create a look of tatami with a massive frame and a floating design, and stylish nightstands. The plan will appear as if the mattress is inside the wood. Alternatively, you can choose to create a Zen hideaway by setting the bed as low as possible.

White and Walnut

 The combination of white and walnut veneers will undoubtedly give your bedroom an elegant and classy look. It is a unique addition that you will love and appreciate for many years. If you want to brand yourself using your bedroom, this Japanese platform bed style suits you.

Colors and Material

An ideal Japanese platform bed gets its inspiration from natural finishes. These types of beds use natural colors and materials. They are available in different types; some of them include walnut and white, Jacobean, beach, and charcoal. They are available in various sizes, which means you buy one that suits your bedroom and mattress.

Japanese Style Platform Bed and Their Benefits

Advantages of Japanese Style Platform Bed


With less than $200, you can find a comfortable platform bed of good quality. Just like other furniture, the price depends on the size, material, and style used in manufacture. Also, the cost of the bed frame does not include a mattress. The cheapest Japanese beds are made from wood veneer, plywood, or compound mixed wood.

A Japanese Platform Bed Comes with Numerous Health Benefits

Health experts have claimed that Japanese beds improve blood circulation and reduce the chances of scoliosis in the human body. The foundation also provides correct sleeping posture hence preventing neck and backaches. The bed is ideal for people with constant back problems due to past injuries or operations.

Ideal for Old, Children and The Disabled

Its low-profile nature makes the bed an ideal choice for older adults as well as those with various kinds of disabilities. They can climb and come out of bed with ease. Not always will these groups of people have people to give a helping hand. Therefore, it is essential to provide them a foundation that is convenient for their situation. Children are playful and will often slip down the bed, injuring themselves. A Japanese platform bed is, therefore, ideal for them.

Sitting Space

Well, a bedroom is not only meant for sleep! It is an excellent place to hold personal conversations without interference. A Japanese bed provides a perfect sitting platform that can accommodate two or three people. Have you ever been to parties where the living room is smaller, and several people are forced to move into the bedroom? Well, a Japanese bed is perfect for such situations.

Unique Designs

A bed in a modern couch in a contemporary bedroom is the focal point of the bedroom. Therefore, it should have a unique design that attracts anyone’s attention when they get into the bedroom.  A Japanese bed provides precisely that, and they are made with unique Japanese designs that tell a lot about the various Japanese cultures. Japanese cultures attracted the world’s attention in 1900 to the extent that European and American designers traveled to Japan to study their designs and traditions.

Japanese Style Platform Bed and Their Benefits

Japanese Platform Beds Are Comfortable

The first thing to look at when selecting any bed is the level of comfort. Even with the best plan or material used, no foundation is worth spending on if it is not comfortable enough. Japanese low-profile beds provide enough support to give the sleeper a good night’s sleep. With a Japanese platform bed, you are assured of ultimate relaxation. The bed’s popularity is increasingly growly, particularly in the US and Europe. Furthermore, it is low profile hence sturdy enough to carry weighty people. The foundation also has adhesive tape that keeps the mattress sturdy from moving.


A modern-day customer is demanding eco-friendly materials from companies. The Japanese platform bed provides precisely that. All the materials used to manufacture this bed are eco-friendly and renewable. The bed is not only eco-friendly but also has health benefits for users. If you have back problems, health experts will recommend a Japanese platform bed as the ideal bed for you. The type of mattress you choose for this type of bed also matters on the kind of sleep you have. Choose a mattress that compliments the mattress foundation well.

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  • 1. Japanese Style Platform Bed
    • Low Lying Design
    • Wrap Around the Bed Frame
    • White and Walnut
    • Colors and Material
  • 2. Advantages of Japanese Style Platform Bed
    • Cheap
    • A Japanese Platform Bed Comes with Numerous Health Benefits
    • Ideal for Old, Children and The Disabled
    • Sitting Space
    • Unique Designs
    • Japanese Platform Beds Are Comfortable