Japanese Platform Bed Frame: Best Japanese Bed Style Reviews and Guides

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Japanese Style Platform Bed and Their Benefits

Japanese Platform Bed Style: Overview

Japan is an Asian country popular for its rich heritage. They are particularly famous for their designs and innovations in the field of furniture. Japanese platform beds are spacious and self-sufficient. Their comfort and designs have made them accessible across the globe. Another reason why the Japanese bed style is highly preferred is because of their closeness to the ground. Even more, they are highly affordable.

Different styles used to manufacture these beds will help you differentiate between various types available in the market. You need to know these characteristics before choosing the most appropriate Japanese bed for your bedroom. Given the number of options available for you in the market, finding the right platform bed can be overwhelming. It is essential to find the right balance between comfort and blend.

Low Lying Design

The easiest way of identifying a Japanese bed is by looking at its low-lying design. Historically Japanese prefer low-lying beds. The foundation has rails and side rails measuring 7 inches in height and has a slat system nested two inches below the bed frame. If you have visited Japan, you will realize that they love sleeping on the floor, and a low-lying bed provides a platform closest to the floor.

After identifying the low-profile element, consider other factors such as wood, natural hues, linen, and leather. As you keep the size of your bedroom in mind, find its décor theme. A Japanese platform bed will offer you an ideal combination that will guarantee sound and comfortable sleep. 

Wrap Around the Bed Frame

For many people, aesthetics plays a vital role when selecting a bed to take home. Sleeping on a tatami mat laid on the floor was a common practice in Japan decades ago. Well, you can create a look of tatami with a massive frame and a floating design, and stylish nightstands. The plan will appear as if the mattress is inside the wood. Alternatively, you can choose to create a Zen hideaway by setting the bed as low as possible.

White and Walnut

 The combination of white and walnut veneers will undoubtedly give your bedroom an elegant and classy look. It is a unique addition that you will love and appreciate for many years. If you want to brand yourself using your bedroom, this Japanese platform bed style suits you.

Colors and Material

An ideal Japanese platform bed gets its inspiration from natural finishes. These types of beds use natural colors and materials. They are available in different types; some of them include walnut and white, Jacobean, beach, and charcoal. They are available in various sizes, which means you buy one that suits your bedroom and mattress.

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5 Japanese Bed Recommended

Solid Pine Wood Slatted Japanese Platform Bed Frame by Emoor

Solid Pine Wood Slatted Japanese Platform Bed Frame by Emoor
  • The EMOOR solid pine wood slatted platform bed has a simple design with natural solid wood construction to suit any bedroom. The slats are placed closely to provide adequate mattress support without a box spring while allowing adequate air circulation. As a result, you can sleep soundly and comfortably without the stuffiness that comes with sweat on a hot night.

You can use this bed with foam, latex or innerspring mattress or complete the Japanese style with a Japanese futon mattress. It has three adjustable height ranges, and it comes with six solid legs to support up to 440 lbs. You can choose the 2-inch height without legs, 7-inch length with legs and a 12-inch length with extended legs. It leaves plenty of space beneath for storage. It’s easy to assemble with the provided L-shaped hex wrench in less than an hour.

What Customers Like:
Customers like the minimalist design and the adjustability of this bed. Other customers like the stained wood and the high-quality construction.

Solid Acacia Wood Platform Bed by Zinus: Modern Industrial Japanese Style Bed Frame

Solid Acacia Wood Platform Bed by Zinus: Modern Industrial Japanese Style Bed Frame
  • If you are looking for a mix of traditional Japanese style with modern industrial design, the Zinus brock metal and wood platform bed may be what you want. It’s made of 100% solid acacia wood that guarantees sturdiness and durability. In addition, it has a natural grain wood pattern with a slatted headboard with a detailed brass headboard.

It has an angular minimalist design with a 7-inch platform and solid slats that support any mattress. As a result, it can support a latex, innerspring or traditional Japanese futon without a box spring. It has wood molding along the edges to eliminate the clearance space and keep dust away. The bed is easy to assemble because it comes with all parts and assembly instructions in one box.

What Customers Like:
Most customers liked the unique natural grain wood design and the slatted headboard with brass detail. They also like the sturdiness and high-quality construction that comes with the headboard.

Mid-Century Japanese Platform Bed by Armen Living

Mid-Century Japanese Platform Bed by Armen Living
  • The Acacia, mid-century platform bed, makes the best choice for a unique low profile with a mix of rustic charm and modern style. It has a unique headboard that makes a great addition to any bedroom. The headboard has a backdrop design that makes it easy to style with any bedding of choice. It has a natural look of Acacia to complement any bedroom aesthetics and is crafted with sturdy wood to last for years.

The sturdy bed frame has four legs for maximum durability and is tipped with plastic caps to protect your bedroom floor or your favorite rug. It has solid wooden slats to support any mattress without a box spring. As a result, it can support up to 450 lbs in weight. To maximize your bedroom space, this bed leaves 8 inches of clearance space for your pets or storage.

Japanese Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard by ACACIA

Japanese Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard by ACACIA
  • The Acacia Aurora wood platform bed has a modern and classic look that can suit any bedroom. It’s made of high-quality Acacia wood with a locking system, making it one of the sturdiest platform beds in the market. In addition, the bed comes with ergonomic plywood slats secured with firmly embedded tape to provide adequate support without a box spring. Besides, the slats are sturdy enough to support a latex, hybrid or innerspring mattress without slipping.

The bed comes with carefully positioned side rails in a smooth chocolate colour to give it a clean, sleek look. It’s 14 inches high and has a slatted headboard to support your back when reading or watching TV. It’s easy to assemble, and it leaves 8.25 inches of clearance space for storage.

What Customers Like:
Customers like the locking design that creates stability and increases the durability of this bed frame. They also like the back support created by the slatted headboard.

Japanese Storage Platform Bed by Memomad

Japanese Storage Platform Bed by Memomad
  • The Memomad Bali storage platform bed will make an excellent choice if you look for comfort and optimize your bedroom space. It has a solid pine wood construction for durability and leather handles for easy transportation. The bed has a beautiful natural lavish finish. Furthermore, it comes in caramel and off white colors and is available in king, queen, full and twin. It has the option of adding a Bali storage headboard or nightstand to complete the look.

The storage bed has six drawers, four shelves, two compartments with doors, and two pull out shelves. You can use the pull-out shelves as nightstands for your book, phone, coffee cup or glass of water. In addition, you can put your extra suitcase or storage box beneath the slats. The bed can support 880 lbs, with the largest compartments supporting 33lbs each and smaller compartments supporting 11 lbs each.

What Customers Like:
Customers like the ample space that comes with this bed. Although it takes time to assemble the bed, they like the high-quality construction and sturdiness of the final product.

Advantages of Japanese Style Platform Bed

Advantages of Japanese Style Platform Bed


With less than $200, you can find a comfortable platform bed of good quality. Just like other furniture, the price depends on the size, material, and style used in manufacture. Also, the cost of the bed frame does not include a mattress. The cheapest Japanese beds are made from wood veneer, plywood, or compound mixed wood.

A Japanese Platform Bed Comes with Numerous Health Benefits

Health experts have claimed that Japanese beds improve blood circulation and reduce the chances of scoliosis in the human body. The foundation also provides correct sleeping posture hence preventing neck and backaches. The bed is ideal for people with constant back problems due to past injuries or operations.

Ideal for Old, Children and The Disabled

Its low-profile nature makes the bed an ideal choice for older adults as well as those with various kinds of disabilities. They can climb and come out of bed with ease. Not always will these groups of people have people to give a helping hand. Therefore, it is essential to provide them a foundation that is convenient for their situation. Children are playful and will often slip down the bed, injuring themselves. A Japanese platform bed is, therefore, ideal for them.

Sitting Space

Well, a bedroom is not only meant for sleep! It is an excellent place to hold personal conversations without interference. A Japanese bed provides a perfect sitting platform that can accommodate two or three people. Have you ever been to parties where the living room is smaller, and several people are forced to move into the bedroom? Well, a Japanese bed is perfect for such situations.

Unique Designs

A bed in a modern couch in a contemporary bedroom is the focal point of the bedroom. Therefore, it should have a unique design that attracts anyone’s attention when they get into the bedroom.  A Japanese bed provides precisely that, and they are made with unique Japanese designs that tell a lot about the various Japanese cultures. Japanese cultures attracted the world’s attention in 1900 to the extent that European and American designers traveled to Japan to study their designs and traditions.

Japanese Platform Beds Are Comfortable

The first thing to look at when selecting any bed is the level of comfort. Even with the best plan or material used, no foundation is worth spending on if it is not comfortable enough. Japanese low-profile beds provide enough support to give the sleeper a good night’s sleep. With a Japanese platform bed, you are assured of ultimate relaxation. The bed’s popularity is increasingly growly, particularly in the US and Europe. Furthermore, it is low profile hence sturdy enough to carry weighty people. The foundation also has adhesive tape that keeps the mattress sturdy from moving.

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Types Of Popular Japanese Bed Frames

Types Of Popular Japanese Bed Frames

Japanese bed frames are a fantastic option for those looking to purchase a new set of beds. They come in various styles and sizes, so you can be sure to get one that will fit your needs. The other great thing about Japanese style bed frames is that they have been around for centuries and have not lost their popularity. In this article, we’ll discuss four of the most famous Japanese bed frames to suit your sleeping needs;

Japanese Futon

A futon is a versatile piece of bedding that’s designed to be used in many different ways. Futons are similar to traditional Japanese-style floor mattresses, but they come with legs to stand up like standard beds. The versatility of the flat-packed futon makes it a good choice for people who live in small apartments or rooms with limited space. Futons double as sofas during the day by pushing them up against a wall and folding out the legs.

A typical Japanese futon consists of a mattress, also known as a Shikibuton, a comforter(Kekebuton), and a pillow, also known as a Makura. It’s easy to set up with no tools and transport by simply folding it up.

Tatami Bed Frame

Tatami is a type of mattress filled with rice straw used in traditional Japanese homes, particularly in bedrooms. The “tatami” meant straw mat and was derived from the atamu, meaning to fold or pile up. Tatamis are not only used as a type of bedding but also as a flooring material. It is woven from a rice straw mat to serve as a seating or sleeping surface. The tatami mats’ thick construction makes them highly resilient, capable of absorbing sound and regulating temperature.

In traditional Japanese houses, tatami beds were placed on a raised platform of hardwood with sliding doors built into the walls.  Modern Japanese style Tatami bed frames are made of Tatami bamboo, and you can use a western-style mattress or a traditional Japanese futon. Tatami bed frames are made of light wood and can be stored in a wardrobe and quickly assembled to become a bed.

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Ashitsuki Mattress

Ashitsuki is a Japanese term meaning a mattress with attached legs. An Ashitsuki has removable legs that you can attach or detach to give your bed some height and free up some space for storage. You can use the mattress with another bed frame by removing the legs. In addition, Ashitsuki mattresses are available in Japanese sizes such as single, double, and semi-double. They are smaller than western-style bed frames because Japanese apartments are generally smaller.

Low Profile Platform Bed

A low-profile platform bed frame is low to the ground. It has a minimalist design, thus taking less space and making it ideal for small apartments. Low platform bed frames have a great aesthetic appeal and can fit any bedroom style. Besides, they have more elaborate designs, bold finishes and clean lines, making them ideal for Japanese and western-style bedrooms.

How To Choose The Best Japanese Style Bed Frame

How To Choose The Best Japanese Style Bed Frame

Japanese style bed frames are known for their simple, clean lines. They offer a modern alternative to traditional European and American styles of the bed frame design.  The best Japanese bed styles often use natural materials like wood or bamboo to construct the frame itself. If you’re looking for something new in your bedroom but don’t want anything too flashy, then this might be just what you need! Below are factors to consider when choosing the best Japanese style bed frame;


Japanese style platform beds may be made from wood or metal. Wooden Japanese style platform bed is known for its rich texture, natural beauty, strength, and durability. The wood used in this bed type is usually oak or teak as they are resistant to humidity and termite attacks. However, wood may warp or crack if it gets wet for some time or has too much humidity.

If you are looking for durability, low maintenance and good looks, you can consider buying a Japanese platform bed made of metal. Metals such as aluminium and wrought iron are the most popular choices as they do not rust even if they are exposed to water for some time. The downside is that metal beds tend to be heavy, so it might be difficult for you to move them around. On the other hand, metal platform beds come in solid colors, which means the finishing will not wear over time. They also do not creep or warp even if they are often exposed to water or subjected to frequent temperature changes. Metal beds are more economical too, as they can last for a long time.

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When choosing the best Japanese platform bed, consider the size of your room and choose a size that fits your room while leaving enough space for other bedroom furniture and for moving around. Although the beds have a minimalist design, you should choose one that suits your size needs. Also, consider the size of your mattress if you are not getting a new one. Finally, remember that Japanese bed frames are smaller than American bed frames and be sure to choose the right size that suits your needs.


You will find Japanese bed frames with different prices, but high prices do not guarantee quality. Consider choosing a bed frame at a reasonable price that guarantees quality. Avoid buying Japanese beds at low prices because they may be made of cheap quality materials that will not last. Also, avoid bed frames with exorbitant prices because the quality may not be worth the price. Instead, choose a bed frame at a reasonable price and guarantee high-quality construction.

Brand Credibility

If you want to get the best value in a Japanese style bed frame, buy from a reputable brand that has experience delivering quality products. You will know a credible brand from positive customer experiences and testimonials from the company’s website. Also, ensure to read all reviews on social sites such as the consumer affairs, trust pilot, and choose your Japanese style bed frame from a credible company.


01. Are Japanese Style Beds Good For Your Back?

Japanese style beds are suitable for back pain because they come with sturdy slats that support firm mattresses. As a result, they provide adequate support to the back and align the spine. Besides, Japanese futons are firmer than traditional mattresses because they are designed to be placed directly on the floor. According to sleep experts, sleeping on a firm mattress helps align the spine instead of a soft mattress that curves the spine. Therefore, sleeping on a Japanese futon supports proper sleeping posture while engaging the lower back muscles. Additionally, it promotes spine alignment while offering contouring support and relieving pressure points, thus preventing back pains

02. How Much Does A Japanese Platform Bed Cost?

Japanese style bed frames are available at various prices depending on the material and style. You can get one from as low as $200 or as high as $3500. Generally, a bed frame with a headboard will cost more than a bed without one. Also, upholstered Japanese platform bed frames may cost more than wood or metal beds. So, you can get a premium quality or a budget Japanese bed frame depending on your needs. Some suppliers offer free shipping and delivery depending on your location, while others require you to pay an extra cost. Shop wisely and ensure to get a bed that suits your budget and expectations.

03. Where in the US Is The Best Place To Buy Japanese Beds?

You can buy Japanese beds online from Amazon, Etsy or Haiku designs. The stores have Japanese style platform beds in various materials, including wood, metal and upholstered. In addition, you can choose from floating beds, slatted bed frames, and bed frames with or without a headboard. Furthermore, they have Japanese platform bed frames at various prices to suit buyers with different budgets.

04. Why Are Japanese Beds On The Floor?

Japanese bed frames are on the floor because traditionally, Japanese people slept for more than 1000 years. Japanese people believe that sleeping on the floor helps to relax muscles and promote spine alignment. Furthermore, Japanese apartments are smaller; thus, they need beds folded and stored in the closet to create extra space.
Most Japanese apartments do not have a bedroom. As a result, people use the available space in the day as a living room and a bedroom at night. They use soft mats known as tatami mats woven from rice straw instead of carpets. Furthermore, their traditional floors are not robust enough to support heavy furniture, thus preferring to sleep on the floor.


A modern-day customer is demanding eco-friendly materials from companies. The Japanese platform bed provides precisely that. All the materials used to manufacture this bed are eco-friendly and renewable. The bed is not only eco-friendly but also has health benefits for users. If you have back problems, health experts will recommend a Japanese bed style as the ideal bed for you. The type of mattress you choose for this type of bed also matters on the kind of sleep you have. Choose a mattress that compliments the mattress foundation well.

  • 1. Japanese Platform Bed Style: Overview
    • Low Lying Design
    • Wrap Around the Bed Frame
    • White and Walnut
    • Colors and Material
  • 2. 5 Japanese Bed Recommended
    • Solid Pine Wood Slatted Japanese Platform Bed Frame by Emoor
    • Solid Acacia Wood Platform Bed by Zinus: Modern Industrial Japanese Style Bed Frame
    • Mid-Century Japanese Platform Bed by Armen Living
    • Japanese Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard by ACACIA
  • 3. Advantages of Japanese Style Platform Bed
    • Cheap
    • A Japanese Platform Bed Comes with Numerous Health Benefits
    • Ideal for Old, Children and The Disabled
    • Sitting Space
    • Unique Designs
    • Japanese Platform Beds Are Comfortable
  • 4. Types Of Popular Japanese Bed Frames
    • Japanese Futon
    • Tatami Bed Frame
    • Ashitsuki Mattress
    • Low Profile Platform Bed
  • 5. How To Choose The Best Japanese Style Bed Frame
    • Material
    • Size
    • Price
    • Brand Credibility
  • 6. FAQs
  • 7. Conclusion