Green Bed for Feng Shui Bedroom: Best Ideas and Things to Know

Choosing a suitable bed under your budget is still a critical investment that should be done with the best research and according to the requirement. Basically, a new bed will create an impact on your space and also on your finance too.

Buying a new bed is a one-time investment for at least a decade, so make sure with your decisions and the quality of the bed because you have to use this bed for many years.

If you want the best green bed for your ultimate comfort and better sleep hygiene, you can follow up with our best recommendations on a green bed for you.

Green Bed for Feng Shui Bedroom: Best Ideas and Things to Know

Feng Shui Green Color Meaning

The green color in feng shui depicts the sign of renewal, new energy, and reformation. It’s mandatory to have different shades of green color to get maximum benefits and feng shui energy effects.

The Green color is associated with personal relations and the family areas on the map of feng shui Bagua. You can include this color in your home in various ways like-

  1. Home decor elements
  2. Painting / Designing
  3. Installing greenhouse plants
  4. Green color Thematic bedroom decorations

Color is the first and the basic way to kick off the principles of feng shui to attain great benefits to your home and career. Each color has a different impact and layers of connection, according to feng shui principles.

The color represents the certain energy or vibe that is relatable in feng shui systems, adding color to your home or in a particular area should be chosen according to your intention, and based on that, you can choose the color that satisfies or matches your needs based on the feng shui principles.

One of the most important things before applying the principles and beliefs of feng shui systems is that you must check that the color must support you based upon your intention as it may be good or bad, therefore it’s necessary to cross match and if it does, it will work for a good part as usual.

The five elements are part of the energy systems generated by feng shui, which arose in Taoism. Those five elements consist of different types of energy and each energy has its own quality and power of impact.

In feng shui beliefs, we compare those different elements to create more harmony and build a well-balanced life for our loved ones. These energies are- metal, water, wood, earth,, and fire which are represented by their own determined colors. The color green is related to the wood element that is meant to build or create harmony, growth, healing, and flexibility in your life.

In feng shui systems, there is a map known as the “Bagua map”. This map is helpful to review our life and correspond to our homes. Through this map, the green color of feng shui represents the harmony and relations with the family, it’s also known as the “Family Area”.

The Family area also depicts the new starting and connection to nature, it also recalls the energy of happy spring and fresh commencement just like fresh grass grows up through the soil. By adding green color to your personal space, you are trying to connect the vital energy of nature to bring peace and harmony to your loved ones and in growth in your career.

When you choose to add a certain color of feng shui based on your intention, the impact of that color can provide much more apart from your desired aim, it can make your space look amazing and positive.

Green color can be helpful if your desire is to invite harmony and growth to improvise your family positions and to boost business startups.

There are various ways through which you can add green color energy into your home like- painting, decoration, etc. Try to distinguish and select the shade that matches your needs. To get more healing and calming effect you can go for a blue-green color shade.

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What goes well with a green bed?

What goes well with a green bed?
green bedroom along with a green bed feels peace

As described by the Feng shui principles, the green color helps to build calmness and harmony in our life and removes/prevents stress or financial problems.

As per the survey reports, people shared that one who has a green bedroom along with a green bed feels peace and has a good night’s sleep while others who have a different color don’t feel like that, and one with red color felt restless sleep and found to be stressed for every small thing in life.

Seaweed green + pink

This color combination provides a dashing look to the modern and smart bedroom structures while providing plenty of space.

Sage green + white

It’s a neutral combination color that is ideally suitable for inspired bedrooms.

Emerald green + pink

The coral version of the pink shade is a versatile color for your bedroom that creates a healthy and private space.

Green + Light Brown

This color combination will be suitable in winters to create a warm space, if you love nature this color has a vibe for it.

So these are all the color combination recommendations from our side, if you want to choose or create your custom color combinations, you can proceed with it but have to make sure that the color of the shade should be green.

You can create your own custom ideas that are suitable for your bedroom so that it should work in both ways i.e. to fulfill your intentions of life and to look amazing in your space. The custom color combination won’t affect your intentions, it will work according to the principles stated by Feng Shui.

Bedroom design ideas for a green bed

A green bed looks suitable in most of the modern architectural designs and accessories which are applied to the room, it just needs a fit combination to look adorable while fulfilling your positive intentions.

Below are some tips that guide you towards an innovative fit design if you have a green bed in your bedroom.

● Try to match the accessories’ color with the color of the bed, you can shop for light green or similar shades.
● Design your wall with a green texture or pattern to match the vibe with your green bed.
● The bedsheet color also matters a lot, choose a wise and suitable shade of green color to bring positive vibes.
● The wall paintings should be of any green color shades so as to match with all the other things to boost the beauty.

These are some basic ways through which you can create or apply these methods to make it look adorable and amazing. According to the rule, just make sure to stick in your color shade to get your desired intentions fulfilled.

Where to buy a green bed?

You can buy a suitable green bed for your bedroom that matches your intentions and should look amazing. A lot of green bed models and designs are available on the online e-commerce store like- Amazon, Flipkart, and Aliexpress or you choose from available physical stores.

Green Bed that matches Feng Shui principles

Hang tight as we are going to recommend to you the best green bed for your bedroom based upon your wants and type of intentions to be fulfilled.

Below we have recommended the green bed which is stunning in looks and will be suitable for your Feng shui power belief, all the beds are green in color with some different shades and structures.

Green color brings harmony and peace and also helps to grow family wealth so make sure to build your environment of home in green, try home decor, painting, and other stuff so that it matches the flow, in this way the looks will be awesome and the positive effects of the color will be aroused.

1- Meridian Green Bed [Gold Metal Design]

1- Meridian Green Bed [Gold Metal Design]

Basic Details

● Size- King
● Material- Fabric, Wood
● Color- Green
● Finishing type- Gold
● Style- Contemporary
● Weight- 190 pounds
● Dimension- 85 x 96 x 65 inches

Special Features

● Comes with a gold metal base design
● Accompanied with full slats
● Well-polished green metal finishing
● Rich green color with velvet shade style
● Easily fits king size mattress

2- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Jolie]

2- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Jolie]

Basic Details

● Size- King
● Material- Metal
● Color- Green Velvet
● Finishing type- Gold
● Style- Contemporary
● Weight- 153 pounds
● Dimension- 87 x 80 x 62 inches

Special Features

● Comes with a trendy gold design
● Delicate metal structure and well-designed metal frames
● Comes with the inbuilt support system and Channel tufting
● Quick to Install and assemble

3- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Bliss]

3- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Bliss]

Basic Details

● Size- King
● Material- Wood
● Color- Basic Green
● Finishing type- Gold
● Style- Contemporary
● Weight- 240 pounds
● Dimension- 98 x 96 x 58 inches

Special Features

● Deep excellent tufting
● Comes with a velvet shade fabric design
● Has storage and footboard compartments
● Comes with inbuilt full slats, no external spring is required

4- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Hugo]

4- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Hugo]

Basic Details

● Size- King
● Material- Wood
● Color- Basic Green
● Finishing type- Gold
● Style- Contemporary
● Weight- 240 pounds
● Dimension- 98 x 96 x 58 inches

Special Features

● Polished metal frame
● Stunning gold metal legs for tough support
● Rectangle structure design to provide equal space
● Attractive headboard design

Things to Consider for Green Bed

Things to Consider for Green Bed
Source @thebedwarehousedirect


Yes, you have to consider the slats of the green bed because it is the base of the bed, and the distance of the slats matters for the long life of the mattress. More distance results in tearing of the mattress. The recommended slat’s height is not more than or equal to 2.7 inches.

There are two types of slats used in the bed, flat and sprung. The flat slats are used on low bases but they provide decent, well-balanced support. The sprung slats are curved wooden that offers a bouncy effect, they are thinner than flat slats.


If you require extra support for the mattress, you can install a box spring. They provide the right support to the mattress. The best springs are those which have a leg structure or frame. Through this the life of the mattress increases.

The Base level and Height

Choose the height and base accordingly, you can check if your hips and knees are comfortable on the same level by sitting on the edge. If they are comfy then it’s suitable to buy and if they aren’t then look for the one which is according to your height.


The frames of the bed are the most basic things to consider first, if the frames are not suitable, you will face long issues in the future. A bed that makes a squeaking sound effect with the movements is not acceptable for use. Choosing the best frame for the bed is as essential as a mattress for your comfort.

Material / Structure

The taste of the material and style of the bed differs from person to person, but you choose the best one based on your room type, the space, paint, and theme. Most people choose a bed that comes with a headboard as it provides back support as well as storage options. You can choose any type of material based on your needs such as wood, metal, fabric, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] on Green Bed!

Q1- Is a green bedroom good feng shui?

The color green is relaxing and peaceful in nature, it creates a balanced environment that makes us feel good.
According to the famous poet, green color is a good color to have around in your life. The dark green color is usually used in traditional gentlemen’s places like- libraries and clubs, it goes well with a green wood that helps to increase concentration and thinking.
The light green color is best suitable for personal spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms because it creates a peaceful vibe.
You can also try green with its other shades and color combinations such as blue, red, and gray.

Q2- What does green mean in Feng shui?

According to feng shui principles, the green color is the symbol of the ‘family area’ which means it helps to build harmony and peace in the families for a better lifestyle. It also helps in the growth and promotion of work life.

Q3- What colors are the best for the bedroom according to Feng shui Principles?

Bedrooms having a calming and relaxing color can be helpful, the experts of Feng Shui recommend different colors and shades based upon the intentions or desires that you want to fulfill.
For eg. Using copper, cream or cocoa color tones brings a cozy, comfortable and welcoming environment. Using natural colors such as blue and green creates a simple, peaceful, and relaxing vibe in your space.

Q4- How you can do Feng shui in the bedroom to bring good luck?

Want to bring positive energy and good fortune to your home then you must try these things-
● Try Home decor ideas in your space with paintings
● Add some wood elements for natural growth
● Keep indoor plants that help to bring positive effect
● Remove unwanted accessories from your bedroom
● Add some lights to your bedroom

Q5. Which houseplants are good for bedroom feng shui?

Below is the list of best houseplants for bedroom feng shui to bring positive energy into your space.
● Bamboo plant
● Citrus plant/tree
● Orchid
● Aloe vera
● Snake plant
● Ficus

Q6. Is green the color for prosperity?

This green color stands for natural power, positive vibes, happiness, peace, regeneration, progress, and freshness. According to Feng Shui laws, this color defines peace and relaxation in one’s life, you can opt to follow this color by adding it into your life, one of the common ways is a green bedroom or your private space where you relax and live.
Renovating bedrooms with green beds, wall decors, green thematic designs, and wall textures are some of the examples initiating Feng Shui’s positive color effect.

Q7. Is white a good feng shui color for the bedroom?

The most usual thing to know when working with feng shui principles to bring desired wishes to your home is the colors you use. The color decides the effect of the energy which helps to make your room feel secure and safe.
Choose the color which helps to renovate and build your mood to lift up difficult tasks to gain positive results. Such colors are- white, cream, or light green.


Since a green bed that fits best according to feng shui rules isn’t a low-budgeted investment, so make sure to opt for the best one to achieve the desired objectives.

Remember all the factors discussed above the feng shui laws, the effect of colors, and the desired intention you want to achieve then based on this select the best green bed.

You don’t need to go for the luxury green bed, choose the one which fits your one-time purchase budget. You can expect the longer quality and durability of the bed if you go for a heavy one-time purchase.

Try to mat or create your own custom green shade color combination with your bed, walls, and room accessories so that it looks classy and stunning.

  • 1. Feng Shui Green Color Meaning
  • 2. What goes well with a green bed?
    • Seaweed green + pink
    • Sage green + white
    • Emerald green + pink
    • Green + Light Brown
  • 3. Bedroom design ideas for a green bed
  • 4. Where to buy a green bed?
  • 5. Green Bed that matches Feng Shui principles
    • 1- Meridian Green Bed [Gold Metal Design]
    • 2- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Jolie]
    • 3- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Bliss]
    • 4- Meridian Green Bed [Modern Hugo]
  • 6. Things to Consider for Green Bed
    • Slats
    • Springs
    • The Base level and Height
    • Frames
    • Material / Structure
  • 7. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] on Green Bed!