Essential Things to Know About California King Platform Bed

Only a bed that accommodates your full structure provides a comfortable sleep. Human beings differ in height and plumpness. Therefore the choice of what makes a comfortable bed differs from person to person. The diverse preference has given rise to different kinds of platform beds such as queen size, King size, California, and even Twin size bed. However our focus today is on the best california king platform bed

How does an ordinary King size platform bed differ from a California king size bed and frame? And why would one decide to settle for the California King bed? Will, it fit my room? There are several questions you might ask about the platform bed. This post gives you the essential things you need to know about a California King bed frame.

Essential Things to Know About California King Platform Bed

So how did California king bed come into the market?

History suggests that it wasn’t long until after the Second World War that California King Beds came into the market. The main consumers for this size of bed were mainly celebrities and athletes who could afford to live a luxurious life in spacious houses. Although a little bit narrow, the best California king platform bed is longer and accommodates taller people happily. 

The bed earned its name since most of it was famous in California. The state was the first to make and market the oversized bed. However, its mass production wasn’t realized until the 70s and 80s. 

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So what is a California king bed

The bed is also termed as the western king bed. The standard measurement for a California king platform bed is 72 inches wide and 84inches tall. In other words, the bed is six feet wide and seven feet tall. A standard king size bed measures 76 inches wide and 80inches long. So that makes a California king bed 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a standard king size bed. 

Recommended room size

What size is a California king bed frame? Did you know that room size determines the size of the bed that you need? With that said, a California king bed fits a room that is at least 12 inches by 12 inches square. A rectangular room should have a minimum size of 14 inches in length by 12 inches in width. 

When considering the recommended room size for a bed, remember to leave perimeter space around the bed. Moreover, the perimeter space requirement varies from person to person. One key determinant is the number of furniture you need to fit into the room. Besides, some people delight to have a luxurious bed positioned in the center of a big spacious room. 

That’s why the proposed room size above presents only the minimum room size.  

Essential Things to Know About California King Platform Bed
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Pros and Cons of the California King bed

The Western King bed otherwise known as the California King has its advantages and disadvantages. 

For that reason people in comparison to Standard king beds, people have mixed feelings and preferences about it. 

Here are a few of its ups and downsides. 


  • More room for your feet. 

As stated before the Cal King measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. So in comparison to the standard king size bed, it is 4 inches longer. Have you ever felt the discomfort of not able to fully stretch on your bed? Such discomfort is caused by being slightly longer than the length of your bed.

 Consequently, a few people who are more than 6 feet tall find it discomforting to sleep fully stretched on the Eastern King bed (standard King Size bed). The extra 4 inches in a Cal King bed rectifies this problem. Your legs don’t have to protrude out of bed. And by far this is one of the primary reasons why an individual would go for a western King bed.

  • Available in split size

This bed is also available in split size design, making it a versatile option. That is two beds joined at the center to make one big bed. Having one bed that easily splits into two and readily joins up again can be very handy at times. When you have guests that can’t spend on one bed, then you simply split the California king platform bed frame near me into two. They can then sleep in different rooms. And once you are done with them, you rejoin your bed, without any stress. So it’s a convenient way of keeping a spare bed.

  • Easily blends with large rectangular rooms

If you are keen on the décor of your room, then you mind about what to include and what to exclude in your room. One aspect that helps in harmonizing the decoration of a bedroom is the size of the furniture. 

For that reason owing to its shape, a California king bed conveniently completes the décor of a rectangular large room, especially when paired with the best California king platform bed. That is especially so if you are the person that requires minimal items in your room. When you center it in the room it balances the space perfectly.

  • Gives your room a luxurious image

Right from the time when the California king beds were first made, it was mostly adopted by the high-end class of the society. It’s only the stars, international athletes and celebrities who could afford it for their big houses. Moreover, it has alluring decorations and attracts a high price tag. Consequently adding it to your room brings in the pompous lifestyle in your resting space. Your guests will be left in awe at the sight of the elegant piece you have in your house. 

  • Ideal for a couple who loves to cuddle

One key benefit of a western king bed, is it bigger than a California king?, stems from its narrow width of 72 inches. For a couple who loves to sleep close to one another, the narrow width is a blessing since it naturally pushes you closer to your spouse. For that reason, some people also regard the Cal king bed as one of the sexiest beds. It naturally sets up the mood for cuddling, fondling and thus setting the mood for a passionate lovemaking session.

  • Enough space for a single person

At times your nature of work may put you away from your spouse or girlfriend. Or just plainly speaking if you are the kind of person that requires some extra comfortable sleeping space, then a California king platform bed frame near me is ideal. An ordinary king-size bed, however, is just too spacious to be comfortable for one person. 

When we flip the coin, this bed also has some disadvantages associated with it.


Essential Things to Know About California King Platform Bed
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  • Cost

Although many people have come to like the bed, its cost still remains to be relatively high compared to an ordinary king bed. The high cost not only refers to the initial purchase of the bed but its accessories too. 

Its demand has increased, since its invention. But it isn’t as widespread as other bed sizes. It, therefore, follows that finding the bed parts like mattress, bedframe, and all the associated accessories are difficult and expensive too. It will force you to visit several stores to find what you are looking for. 

  • Narrow width

Although it gives you extra 4 inches in length, the California king bed is narrower than its counterpart. Therefore if you are a couple who wishes to share a bed with your pet, then the narrow width goes against your habit. That is because it’s more convenient to let the pet sleep at the far side of the bed than towards the footboard.

So who needs a California King bed mostly?

Up to this moment, you should have a rough idea of what a California bed is like. But generally speaking, the bed finds ideal use in the following classes of people;

  • Those have a height of more than six feet, and needs a bed that accommodates their full length comfortably
  • A couple who wishes to have a spacious bed that also encourages sleeping close together, thereby feeling the warmth. You won’t have to stretch your hand to reach for your partner.
  • A single sleeper who needs a spacious bed.


So I hope this post has helped you to make up your mind about the best California king platform bed. Remember the decision on whether you need the bed or not, is for you alone to make. But if the benefits stated above haven’t convinced you, then the best resort is to try it out and feel its comfort. You can probably visit a store and feel its comfort for a few minutes. Or probably if your girlfriend or boyfriend has one already, then why not test its warmth? It would be easier to make a better judgment then.

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