After a tiring day, you need a place to rest. A platform bed offers reliable support and a comfortable sleeping posture. However, everyone has a different sleeping posture. Some like to curl up, some on their bellies, others enjoy stretching fully to their length. When you are six or seven feet tall, sleeping on a twin bed can’t happily accommodate your height. Instead, you need a twin XL platform bed, which is about 5 inches longer than the Twin bed. 

So if your twin bed doesn’t allow you to stretch sufficiently to your comfort, it’s time to switch to a twin xl bed frame. Here are the top choices;

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How to Choose the Best XL Twin Platform Bed

The primary role of a bed is to provide adequate support and comfortable sleep. However, beds differ in sizes, structures, and sturdiness. The main reason for choosing an extra-long twin bed size over an ordinary twin bed is the extra length.

So to land the best choice, reflect on the following;

Do you have the right mattress size for a twin XL bed?

The measurement of each mattress blends with a particular bed size. And you can only reach the comfortable sleeping platform by matching a bed with its corresponding mattress. An XL twin size bed frame measures 38 x 80 inches. So be ready to match an XL twin bed to reap maximum comfort.

How close are the slats?

Whether the slats are of wood or metal, the closeness matters a lot. When slats are far apart, the vast space between them will encourage the sagging of the mattress. Also, when using a foam mattress on such a bed, you would feel the slats pressing against your body. So look for the spacing of about 3 inches. For example, consider the spacing of 3 1/8 inches used in the Atlantic Furniture Madison Platform Bed with Open FootBoard. 

How thick/sturdy are the slats?

Remember, Twin XL beds mostly suit high school age or college students. Such age brackets have extra energy to spare. Jumping or sitting with a thud is very common. Therefore only an extra-long bed frame with thick or heavy gauge slats would suit that age bracket. Besides, you would wish to have a bed that your child can use for long years. And slat thickness dictates its longevity. 

Will you need extra storage space?

Extra-long platform beds have extra storage facilities in different ways. Do you need a large under bed clearance where you can slide in big boxes? Or would you need a design with built-in drawers like the Prepac -K Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers? In addition to deciding on the type of storage, know the amount of storage space you need. For example, consider the items you would store to approximate how much space you need, drawer sizes, and the vertical clearance height. 

How do the legs make contact with the ground?

First, determine the nature of the floor where you would put the bed? Is it slippery? Is it a floor that is easy to tear or dent? Remember, the point of contact with the ground determines how it can easily scratch your floor. Consequently, bed frames having legs capped with plastic materials are floor friendly.  

What’s the maximum weight you would wish the bed to support?

The sturdiness of the materials used in making a bed influences its weight capacity. So know the maximum weight you expect the extra-long bed frame to carry. Next, go ahead to buy a bed in which its size slightly exceeds your weight requirement. Give more preference to bed having thick slats no more tightly packed, then awarded middle rail support. 

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Some Types of Twin XL Platform Bed for Choosing

Twin XL Platform Bed with Headboard – Atlantic Furniture Madison Platform

Twin XL Platform Bed with Headboard - Atlantic Furniture Madison Platform

 Sometimes all you require from a bed is the simplicity of design and reliable support. That is a platform bed that supports you without squeaking, breaking, or sagging of the mattress. The Atlantic Furniture Madison Platform Bed with Open Foot Board brings that style to your room. 

Surprisingly despite its simplicity, the headboard and the neat finish radiate a sense of warmth and beauty.

 Besides, the package gives you room to alter the leg height. Have you ever experienced the annoyance of a mattress that slides out at the slightest movement? Well, this extra-long twin bed size employs slats that are slightly below the frame level. The protrusion on the frame locks the mattress in place and thus prevents unnecessary movement. 

The side frame wood measures 4 ½ inches. Each of the corners measures 3 x 1 inch. Its slats feature solid wood. Using a spacing of 3 1/8 inches between slats, this bed holds the mares comfortably without sagging in between the rails. To lock the slats into positions, the fence on each side of the more extended bed frames joins them together. 

 If you have shoes or children’s toys clattered in your room, then this bed helps you to organize them better. It features a vertical under bed clearance of 11 ½ inches. After stuffing the toys or shoes in a box, it’s easy to store the box under the bed. Alternatively, you can add some drawers to the under-bed clearance. 


· Sturdy frame

· Simple but elegant

· Locks mattress in position

· Uses non-toxic wood finish


· Center support on the rails could have added more strength

Twin XL platform bed with storage – Prepac -K Mate’s Platform Storage Bed

Twin XL platform bed with storage - Prepac -K Mate's Platform Storage Bed

 A platform bed with open storage drawers on both sides

One of the best features of a platform bed is that it has additional storage provision. Thus, when residing in a small room, the extra space to keep your essentials helps to organize a place to look neat. However, the storage space can be a vertical clearance or storage drawers like that featured by Prepac -K Mate’s Platform Storage Bed. 

When you compare the drawer system with the vertical under bed clearance spaces, the former seems better. You don’t have to look for extra boxes. Moreover, it provides you with ample area to keep your belongings like a file or clothing. Each of the three drawers has an internal measurement of 23.25inch wide, 5 inch tall and 18 inch deep. Pushing or pulling each of the storage spaces produces smooth roll since they employ metal roller glides plus a safety stop. 

The mate’s style platform storage bed features the composite wood material. Besides, it uses 12 slats, each having a thickness of 3.85 inches. The spacing between one slat to the next is 2.75 inches. That promotes the breathability of the mattress without compromising on the slats’ unfailing support.

When you position the mattress on this bed, it sinks a few inches deep. The raised edges help to lock the cushion in place. Thus even under strenuous activities or movement, the mattress maintains its position. And for those who are color sensitive, the Prepac XL bed frame is available in two color varieties: espresso finish and midnight black laminate. 


· Requires minimal assembly

· Tightly packed slats; 2.75 inches close

· Large storage drawers

· Enhanced stability on the floor

· Side-mounted drawers this easy to access


· The bed is hefty, 126.5lbs and thus not easy to move around

Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard – Best Price Mattress Twin XL Bed Frame

Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard - Best Price Mattress Twin XL Bed Frame

There is the aesthetic effect that the headboard and footboard add to a platform bed. That’s the same effect that Best Price Mattress Twin XL Bed Frame adds to your bedroom. When you match it with the right mattress, it becomes visually arresting and inviting.

Its footboard and headboard are of steel material. For the person requiring a simple but elegant look, this Roxbury style bed nails it rightly. The roundness at the top of the corner legs crowns its beauty.

Do you often move from town to town? Don’t worry because it features a patented bifold mechanism. The legs fold in, and the whole bed frame folds in the middle too. Not only does that make it quick to pack, but it also utilizes minimal space. 

 It makes contact with the ground at six points. That is one leg at each corner, then finally two in the middle. Although the legs are steel, each of the corner legs features an additional reinforcing rod that connects to the mainframe.

Since its 15 slats are steel and tightly packed, they provide reliable support. A thick middle rail running perpendicular to the slats complements their strength. Therefore it leaves no room for sagging. 

Once erected, it leaves a vertical clearance space slightly less than 12 inches from the ground. Such a space, therefore, accommodates many boxes and suitcases for better organization of the bedroom.


· Setting it up is straight forward

· It has a minimalist but elegant look

· Stable and mechanically sound

· No need for box spring


· Spacing between the slats needs to be improved

Twin XL Metal Bed Frame – Mellow Rocky Base E 14″ Platform Bed

Twin XL Metal Bed Frame - Mellow Rocky Base E 14" Platform Bed

Do you know why most platform beds offer uncomfortable support? Many bed frames use thin slats that easily bend. Besides, some also feature weak welding. That’s where Mellow Rocky comes in with its unique design. 

This brand gives you a complete massive duty steel platform bed. Since the structure is entirely metal, this Twin XL platform bed can support up to an evenly distributed weight of 2000 lbs without failing. 

An extra-long length requires sturdy slats. That’s why Mellow Rocky here incorporates patented heavy duty steel slats. At the same time, the slats are extra wide. For that reason, it provides unwavering support for you and the mattress. Furthermore, it won’t permit the bed to sag. In the long run, you realize it prolongs the life of your costly asset.

Apart from the slats being extra wide, they are carefully packed, leaving a space of 3.8 inches between them. A center rail then runs perpendicular to the slats for extra support. So your mattress breathes while you and your partner also sleep soundly without any backache. 

The weight capacity of 2000 lbs isn’t light. To stop the bed from experiencing undue pressure in the middle, it features two extra legs in the middle in addition to the four corner legs. All of the six legs are heavy duty steel with a thickness of 2.4inches. 

Joining up the pieces requires no additional tool. And once assembled, it presents the modern, sleek look with minimal features to your bedroom. From the floor, it leaves you with 11.6 inches clearance space. All the legs have protection and thus won’t damage your floor. 


· Premium support without any fear of sagging or bending

· Tightly packed slats that prolong mattress’s life

· Simple and neat

· Easy to assemble


· The frame has no edges to keep the bed from sliding.

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Twin XL Captains Bed  – Duke Mahogany Bookcase Twin XL Captains Bed with Trundle

When you have limited space, and you wish to have a bed that can accommodate an extra friend, then you have to shop for a bed wisely. 

That’s where the Duke Mahogany Bookcase Twin XL Captains Bed with Trundle becomes ideal. 

It gives you three drawers for organizing your books or clothes and other personal belongings. Besides, it also features a trundle. So that extra bed will help you accommodate a sleepover friend happily. With two shelves on the headboard, you can keep your alarm and your favorite bedtime novel. 

The entire furniture features solid pine wood and Euro slats. The Mahogany staining adds more appeal to it. But if you wish to stain it according to your bedroom’s decoration, then go for the unfinished bed frame. 


· Sturdy solid pine construction

· Has an extra bed

· Very stable

· Has both headboard and footboard


· Challenging to move owing to its heavyweight


Do you need a bed that your child can use even in his college life? Tired of your legs overlapping the bed? Then choose the twin XL platform bed frame from the above collection. Experience the comfort of a fully accommodating bed, more legs protruding outside the bed.