What’s the Best Platform Bed for People with Back Problems?

A night of quality sleep is what everyone desires. And when you miss it, you suffer discomfort, and the inability to concentrate at work increases. One key factor that dictates the quality of sleep you get is the kind of bed you own. 

And that becomes significantly important when you have back problems. In the recent past, most people have found significant relief from platform beds. 

Therefore, what’s the best platform bed for people with back problems? Before we answer that, let’s look at what makes up a platform bed.

What Makes the Best Platform Bed for Someone with Back Problems
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What’s a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a type of bed that offers stable support for your mattress without the need for a box spring. Usually, it has slats or a solid perforated wood that a mattress rests on. Also, it can have plenty of storage places underneath or on the sides of the panel.

When you suffer from back problems, you need the most relaxing sleep. Accordingly, you need to take your time to choose the best platform bed for back pain that supports your condition.

So, What makes the best platform bed for people with back problems?

Solid, Thick, and Unwavering Slat Support

One of the top causes of back problems is poor sleeping posture. But if you already have back issues, a poor sleeping position may worsen the condition to an unbearable level. 

For example, one of the sure factors that may cause or aggravate backache is sleeping on a mattress that sags considerably. When the mattress sags, your body also contours the same pattern. 

Ordinary beds may have mattress support springs that weaken with time. Having weakened, the memory foam then sags.

So look for a platform bed that has a sturdy support base. It can be wooden or steel slats like in the  Zinus Yelena 14 Inch. Whatever material it presents, ensure it’s thick enough to offer reliable support. Such rigid support provided by the slats prevents the mattress and your body from sagging.

Closely Packed Slats

It’s possible to have strong bed slats and still experience sagging. That’s especially true when the distance between one slat to the next is very wide. 

Thus apart from choosing the sturdy material, ensure that the slats are closely packed. Ideally, it should be about 2.5inches. 

Such a slat arrangement blends conveniently with a futon to deliver an even sleeping place from head to toe. It shouldn’t have a gaping space between the last slat and footrest or headrest. An uneven bed is a step ahead towards achieving the right sleeping posture.

Reinforced Center Support

Sometimes you may have a back problem and also have a heavily built body. When in such a state, you need a foundation bed that is mechanically strong and can bear your weight without the danger of buckling. 

Many are the times that you some beds break and couples falling.

That shouldn’t happen, especially when you have back issues. Thus settle on the bed that not only has closely packed thick slats but also possesses reinforced center support.

The reinforcement usually takes two forms. That includes additional single or double center rail (s) running perpendicular to other slats. At the same time, it should have center support legs.

On top of choosing such a design, go for the bed with the weight capacity that can support you. You will then never go wrong. 

What Makes the Best Platform Bed for Someone with Back Problems
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Raised Foundation Bed

If you have had back problems, then you understand the difficulty of waking up from the floor. Originally, platform beds had the design of being close to the floor as possible, but styles and designs have changed of late. 

A patient suffering from back problems find it effortless to wake up from a bed that’s raised considerably from the ground. Fortunately, you can easily find a foundation bed standing high above the floor.

For instance, consider the Zinus Van 16 inch platform bed.  It stands 16 inches above the ground and gives you a clearance of about 14 inches. Accordingly, when you spread your futon on it, the patient is elevated conveniently above the floor. 

Accepts a Wide Range of Mattresses

When you have a backache, then your first checkpoint should be the type of mattress you sleep on. Most people would then seek the help of a professional for the best mattress or bed recommendation. 

Fortunately, the design of the foundation bed allows it to blend with a wide range of mattresses. Thus whether it’s latex, memory foam, or inflated mattress, you won’t struggle to find a foundation bed that goes along with your existing mattress.  

If your current mattress is relatively thin and thus worsens the pain on your back or sides, you can still maintain it and get a good platform bed to blend with it. Particularly, go for the foundation bed that accepts a box spring.

Blending the relatively thin mattress and box springs, benefit you in two ways. It elevates your height above the ground. Secondly, it provides a more firm and comfortable sleeping posture. You won’t feel the slats pressing on your sides or back. Choosing the best platform bed for someone with back problems can significantly improve your sleep quality.

Adjustable Foot and Headrests

A hurting back can force you to toss, turn, and try every possible sleeping position to achieve comfort. At the same time, you may desire to raise your legs or head posture to help you sleep on a flat back. 

For that matter, a platform bed that allows for easy tilting and lowering of both the leg and head position makes the best choice for someone with back problems.

Besides the ability to raise your head, you’ll minimize movement that would otherwise worsen the pain. The best contenders here are the Amazon basics or the Classic brands Hercules 

What Makes the Best Platform Bed for Someone with Back Problems

Storage Drawers to Keep Drugs Close By

When stressed up by an aching back, it pays to have your drugs close by. In a clustered room where your items are not properly organized, it’s easy to lose track of your most cherished drug when you want it most.

Thus someone who has back problems needs a foundation bed with storage drawers. Whenever the back pain intensifies, all you’ll have to do is open the drawer and access your pain killer. Imagine the stress of having to walk up and down, turning boxes upside down searching for a pain reliever!

Well Aerated

One of the best times when you need to feel cool and relaxed is when you are sick. A foundation bed, therefore, provides the right setting. That’s especially true if you choose the foundation bed with a slated supportive base. 

The spaces between the slats let in fresh air from under the bed to rise through the memory foam. For that reason, it keeps the mattress cool and fresh feeling. 


Every person requires a comfortable sleep. But the demand for quality sleep is even greater for persons with back problems. It thus pays to look for the best platform bed for people with back problems, a platform bed frame with the key features that tailor to your condition. The best platform bed for back pain can provide the necessary support and comfort for individuals dealing with back issues.

From lower to upper back pain, you can get the right foundation bed that gives you comfort. Whether you need to raise your feet or head, you can get such a bed.

Furthermore, with back issues, waking up with a bed close to the ground causes you much pain, so know the approximate height that allows you to climb and descend from a bed effortlessly. 

Therefore, take your time and reflect on the above-highlighted features to get the right foundation that guarantees comfort. 

  • 1. What’s a Platform Bed?
  • 2. So, What makes the best platform bed for people with back problems?
    • Solid, Thick, and Unwavering Slat Support
    • Closely Packed Slats
    • Reinforced Center Support
    • Raised Foundation Bed
    • Accepts a Wide Range of Mattresses
    • Adjustable Foot and Headrests
    • Storage Drawers to Keep Drugs Close By
    • Well Aerated
  • 3. Conclusion