Best Daybeds for Adults Reviews and Recommended Size

A tiny room such as a studio, condo, or apartment may not accommodate a bed and couch without creating congestion. For such settings, the best daybeds for adults maximize space while still providing double roles. 

Besides functioning as a seat and bed, the right Daybed boosts the overall appearance of a room. Have it in your living room or home office and you won’t have stress whenever a sleepover guest knocks on your door. 

Read on to find a wide selection of daybeds that fits various room decorations.

7 Best Rated Daybeds for Adults Reviews

Best Twin Size Daybed – DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered

DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered – Best Twin Daybed for Adults
Best Twin Daybed for Adults

Feature Highlights

  • Weight capacity 400lbs
  • Size 78″L x 41.5″W x 33″H
  • Available in six different colors
  • Wood material

When you put it up, the DHP daybed measures 78 “L x 41.5 “W x 33 “H. That means it’s spacious enough to accommodate an adult. Yet its twin size also allows it to fit small rooms and dorms. 

At a glance, it looks simple but presents a versatile contemporary design. And so it bends with different room decorations. Thanks to the back and armrest of velvet upholstery.

It also features reliable wood slats that have mid rail support and attaches to the main frame firmly. As such, they feel sturdy enough to support a 400lbs payload. At the same time, the slats have spaces to allow aeration of the mattress. In effect, the mattress stays fresh and lasts long. 

The thin and attractive wooden legs combined with its weight of 86lbs add to its unwavering stability. Besides, the legs have insulations that make them floor friendly. 

During assembly, the package provides easy-to-follow instructions, pictorial illustrations, and assembly tools. So you need no prior skills to put it up. For the easy organization of a room, the DHP daybed has an 8-inch clearance. 


If you need the Daybed that occupies minimal space but accommodates an adult happily, then the DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered makes a viable choice. It requires no box spring and has everything that you need to assemble it in minutes. 

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Best Full-Size Daybeds – DHP Dale Upholstered Daybed/Sofa Bed Frame

DHP Dale Upholstered Daybed/Sofa Bed Frame - Best Full-Size Daybeds for Adults
Best Full-Size Daybeds for Adults

Feature Highlights

  • Weight capacity 450lbs
  • Measures 77. 5″ L x 57″ w x 32″ h
  • Upholstered and has a linen fabric
  • Available in four different colors

If you are the person that adores simple beds with a touch of a modern look, then the DHP Dale Upholstered is a viable option to consider. At a closer look, it has an upholstered nailhead trim and comfortable linen fabric. The two blends give a classic appearance. 

After assembly, the full size Daybed for adults measures 77. 5″ L x 57″ w x 32″ h. Although it’s relatively heavy at 113.5lbs, that adds to its stability during use. And it can tolerate up to a maximum weight of 450lbs. 

When erected, it leaves an under-bed clearance space of 6 inches. Such a space can accommodate low-lying boxes and hence store items you rarely use. The full-size Daybed uses the regular full-size mattress. And you don’t need to use any box spring. 

Its sturdy metal frame and the wooden legs lock to provide a mechanical sound bed that’s comfortable also. As a sign of its quality, it comes with a one-year warranty. You can use it in the living room or bedroom as a bed or extra seat. 


For a more spacious bed that doubles as an extra seat, the DHP Dale Upholstered Daybed is hard to ignore. Its minimalist look, metal frame and wood legs sell its reliability.

Best Queen Size Daybeds – DHP Sophia Upholstered

DHP Sophia Upholstered - Best Queen Daybeds for Adults
Best Queen Daybeds for Adults

Feature Highlights

  • Weight Capacity of daybed 500lbs, trundle 450lbs
  • Wood material 
  • 5 color variations               
  • The size of the Daybed is 93. 5″ L x 63. 5″ W x 30. 5″ H and the trundle measures 80. 5″ L x 55. 5″ L x 11. 5″ H

During the day, the DHP Sophia offers spacious lounging space and doubles as a cozy queen bed at night. Its stylish backless design matches with the sleigh arms to award it a contemporary design. And for that reason, it fits a wide variety of rooms. Also, you can use it against the wall or let it double as a room divider. 

 Furthermore, the tufted button and linen upholstery boost its attractiveness. But besides the chic look, it employs a solid wood frame. Therefore it provides dependable support and aeration for your mattress. On the other hand, its numerous bentwood slats mean no need for a box spring. 

The DHP Sophia bed provides double sleeping space. The main bed measures 93. 5″ L x 63. 5″ W x 30. 5″ H, while the trundles measure 80. 5″ L x 55. 5″ L x 11. 5.  

During the day, the trundle stays tucked in and so utilizes minimal space. Altogether the queen day bed supports a weight capacity of 500lbs. despite weighing 130.5lbs.

Hence it requires two mattresses of a queen and full size. The entire package comes in two boxes. That makes it convenient to transport the bed up a flight of stairs to our room. 


If you are fond of having sleepover guests and require a bed that doubles as a seat during the day, the DHP Sophia Upholstered Queen trundle bed is the way to go. It’s warm, spacious, stylish yet durable. 

Daybed with Storage for Adults – Bellemave Full Daybed

Bellemave Full Daybed with Drawers - Daybed with Storage for Adults
Daybed with Storage for Adults

Feature Highlights

  • Weight capacity 300lbs
  • Wood material 
  • Measures 78.6″L x 57″W x 34″H
  • Has dual storage drawers
  • 4 color variation

When you have a small house, every space counts. In such instances, a daybed cum sofa comes in handy. But Bellemave’s full-size Daybed offers more than that; it has double drawers, armrests and backrest too. 

So the furniture acts as a seat, a full-size bed and keeps your valuable items too. From children’s clothing, toys, and other personal items, the drawers are spacious to accommodate such items. Its structure presents the country’s rustic style. 

By construction, it blends solid pine wood and engineered wood to make a reliable daybed and sofa. You can use it as a seat when playing games or an extra bed for guests. That means it fits the living room, bedroom, and even kid’s room. 

Owing to its high-quality wood, the Bellemave full daybed with drawers accommodates up to 300lbs weight. Thus it stands among the best daybeds for adults. When you assemble it, the bed measures 78.6 “L x 57 “W x 34 “H and weighs 85.6lbs only. 

It taps on 10 sturdy wood slats and thus requires no box spring. Means you can spread your mattress directly on the bed.  


The Bellemave full-size daybed and sofa fit individual that needs the best Daybed for adults and storage provision too. Besides its dual roles as sofa and bed, the drawers help in decongesting a small room. 

Best Daybeds with Trundle for Adults          

DHP Manila Metal Twin Size Daybed and Trundle

Best Daybeds with Trundle for Adults          
DHP Manila Metal Twin Size Daybed and Trundle

Feature Highlights

  • The weight capacity of the Daybed is 400lbs and the trundle is 225lbs
  • Measures 77.5″L x 41.5″W x 41.5″H
  • Daybed and trundle
  • Made of metal
  • 5 color options

When you live in an apartment, dorm, or condo a daybed becomes ideal. One such simple and durable Daybed to consider is the DHP Manila trundle bed. 

After assembly, it stands at 77.5 “L x 41.5 “W x 41.5 “H and plays the double role of sofa and bed. And when you have a sleepover guest, simply pull out the trundle, and there you have a bed. Thanks to its 4 castor wheels that give a smooth roll. 

Whereas the Daybed accommodates up to 400lbs, the trundle tolerates up to 225lbs. Its entire structure is a sturdy metal that promises a long life. Further, the Victoria detailing on the bed makes its beauty stand out. Although it’s all-metal, it looks trendy. 

The Daybed accommodates up to an 8-inch thick mattress and the trundle fits a 6-inch thick mattress.  


Talk of a timeless piece of daybed trundle that’s sturdy and stylish and the DHP Manila Metal Twin Size Daybed and Twin Size Trundle fits the bill. It takes up little space yet accommodates a couple of adults. 

Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set
Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

Feature Highlights

  • Alloy steel material
  • Weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Measures 39″ W x 77″ L x 38″ H 

Zinus has made a reputation when it comes to beds. And so when you need reliable daybeds from a reputable brand, it’s a name to reckon with. It offers a daybed and trundle set in one package. The entire set is of a lot of steel and so feels promising in durability. 

One of the outstanding features of the Zinus Eden set is the simple but elegant look it presents. Its metal back and armrest add to its comfort. The Daybed and the trundle accommodate a full-size mattress not more than 9.5 inches thick. 

The full-size Daybed measures 39″ W x 77″ L x 38″ H and has a weight capacity of 250lbs. However, since it’s metallic, it weighs 71lbs. A trundle easily rolls beneath the 14 inches of clearance space. 


From a reputable company, Zinus Eden twin daybed and trundle looks promising. Its simple structure, sturdy metal framework, and easy-rolling trundle are its premium features. For a daybed and trundle set that delivers in sturdiness and elegant look, this Zinus delivers. 

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed Frame and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed Frame and Trundle Frame Set
Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed Frame and Trundle Frame Set

Feature Highlights

  • Each has a weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Measures 39″ W x 78″ L x 25.8” H
  • Daybed and trundle
  • Alloy steel and wood

It’s the combination of heavy-duty steel alloy and high-quality wood that makes a mechanical sound daybed and trundle frame set. Although its frame and slats are of steel, the detailing on the headboard and footboard are of premium wood. 

As a result, you can sit and lounge on it and it doesn’t produce any squeaking sound. The entire bed measures 9″ W x 78″ L x 25.8″ H and supports a maximum weight of 250lbs. Its trundle similarly supports 250lbs and has castor wheels. So rolling it in and out feels smooth. 

Although it requires assembly, it’s straightforward to go through. Both the Daybed and trundle fit a mattress twin size of not more than 5 or 6 inches. 


For a space-saving, durable daybed and trundle frame, the Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed with Trundle make a viable option. It’s simple, stylish, and durable. What more can you ask for in the best daybeds for adults?

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Benefits of Daybeds


One of the outstanding advantages of daybeds is that they take up very little space. In a tiny room where every space is valuable, they are ideal. 

Once you assemble it for the first time, you use it as a couch during the day and bed at night. No need to do anything in transforming it from bed to couch and vice versa except pulling out the trundle. 

Offers a Decorative Function

Most daybeds have a simple and elegant appearance. And so the design makes them blend with various room decorations with ease. Incorporate it in your living, bedroom, or home office and it drastically changes the appearance of a room. 

Furthermore, a daybed is easy to customize to fit different interior decorations. For instance, changing the linen, pillow, or mattress cover color has a significant effect. 

Convenient for Nursing Mother and Children

The discomfort of having to cross to the baby’s room at odd hours of the night is stressful. A daybed with a trundle saves you from such inconvenience. You can have your baby close by even when the room is tiny! 

So you can attend to the baby or keep her company till she falls asleep and then let her sleep on the trundle. 

Better Room Organization

Organizing a tiny room isn’t easy. A daybed makes that easier. Besides functioning as a bed and couch, it has valuable storage space. 

So you don’t have to spread boxes all over the room; instead just pick on a daybed with drawers. You can keep up personal items, baby clothes, and toys in the drawers. By doing so you keep such items off the prying eyes and also organize your room to look neat. 

Makes it Easy to Shelter One Night and Sleepover Guests

Hosting sleepover guests can be stressful. That’s where a daybed comes in handy. You won’t have to look for an extra bedroom for your sleepover guest. The daybeds in your living room can double as beds for the one or two nights the guests visit you. 

Exists in Varieties

The designs of daybeds vary greatly. Every person, therefore, has the chance to find a style that suits his taste. For instance, you can have the backless style, foldable backs, and deep-sided daybeds. 

Less Risky than Bunk Beds

One of the main reasons for choosing a bunk bed is saving on space. Though it’s space-saving, the lofty height puts the sleeper, especially kids, at risk of an accident. On the contrary, a daybed is still space-saving yet puts you at less risk of falling. So when you have kids or partners that toss or turn or sleepwalkers, Daybed wins.  

Types of Daybeds Available In the Market

There are various types of daybeds in the market. Knowing the available option is wise because only then can you pick the right choice that meets your needs. 

Here are the most common types:

Classic Daybeds

The classic daybeds have a simple traditional design. Most often, they are of sturdy metal and feature three sides. The three sides help to lock the mattress in place. 

Typical classic type daybeds have neither drawers nor trundle beneath. Most people adore them due to their simple and durable structure. 

Trundle Daybeds

Trundle daybeds offer more sleeping space than the typical classic design. There is the daybed and trundle bed beneath

When not in use, for example, during the day, the trundle stays tucked in beneath the Daybed. However, when its need arises, you pull it out and it rolls on its castor wheels. 

A large percentage of trundle daybeds accommodate twin-size mattresses. But it’s possible to find larger sizes. 

Canopy Daybeds

Canopy daybeds have three sides, just the traditional type. But the main difference is that the canopy type has sides that run deeper and have a more luxurious appearance. For that reason, they tend to have a higher price tag. Further, when you incorporate it into a room, it paints the picture of a more elegant look. 

Sleigh Daybeds

As the name implies, the daybeds have a sleigh shape. You can often spot the curvature on the sides, back, or both. Most often, sleigh daybeds are crafted from high-quality wood and hence making them expensive. They thus give the picture of a warm welcoming to a room. 

Chaise Daybeds

Chaise daybeds often take the structure of the typical beds you’ll find in a therapist’s room. It makes a cozy bed to lounge on. Partner it with a warm blanket and pillow and you won’t believe the welcoming look it gives your room. 

What Mattress Types are Good for a Daybed?

Many daybeds for adults accept the standard twin size mattress, but few are larger. So whether you go for memory foam, hybrid, spring, or latex type of mattress, ensure it is of a matching size. 

However, in addition, daybeds require a medium-firm type of mattress. Only such firmness supports all types of sleepers, sitting and lounging during the day. Besides, it needs to be of the right height and possess a firm edge for maximum comfort. 

How to Choose the Best Quality Daybeds for Adults?

Intended Purpose

A daybed can act like a set or extra bed. If you intend to use it as a regular seat, then sturdiness becomes a key issue. Although that may mean paying a high price tag, it won’t disappoint in the long run.

On the other hand, if you want to have a daybed for your occasional guests, then you can get by with average quality. 

Still, if your purpose is getting a bed for a toddler, then a wooden daybed with three deep protective sides is ideal. 

Storage Provision

A large percentage of daybeds for adults have storage provisions. If that is your wish, then check for models with drawers or large under-bed clearance. Such designs help you keep your items out of sight and give a tiny room a sense of organization. 

Ease of Assembly

Unless you are technically savvy or ready to incur installation costs, stay off daybeds with additional features. When it has additional drawers or trundle, its installation might call for some expertise. Alternatively, you can look for pre-assembled models. 

Design and Style

Daybeds take up different designs. Some have a minimalist look, while others give the impression of a luxurious lifestyle. To know the design that blends with your room. 

It’s worth noting that daybeds with metal frames are lighter and cheaper than their wooden counterparts. But wood gives a sturdier bed. 

Trundle beds on the other hand though demanding to assemble, provide more sleeping space. For a cozier seat, a padded daybed is the way to go. 

Capacity and Size

A large number of daybeds target twin-size mattresses. But when you dig deeper, you can get full, queen, and king sizes that accommodate more than one person. 

So take into account the intended number of sleepers and room size. Besides, daybeds for adults should tolerate at least 300lbs weight. 


Can a Daybed be Used as a Couch?

Yes, it’s possible to use a daybed as a couch. For instance, you can have one in your home office to act as your sofa and double as a bed for sleepover guests. However, in the kid’s room, it can function as a bed at night and a couch or playground during the day. 

Can you Put a Regular Mattress On a Daybed?

Daybeds come in different sizes, including twin and regular sizes. You can thus use a mattress of a matching size that gives you maximum comfort. 
But depending on the intensity of use you subject it to, you have to select a mattress of matching quality and firmness. 

Is a Daybed Bigger than a Twin Bed?

Daybeds do not come in a single size. A larger percentage of daybeds are of twin bed size, and so require a mattress of 75 x 38 inches. But other daybeds accommodate full-size mattresses and are larger than twin beds. 

What’s the Difference Between a Daybed and a Sofa Bed?

The outstanding difference is that you can hide, fold or adjust the sofa bed as the situation demands. On the other hand, a daybed can’t disintegrate or adjust in size.  

What is the Mattress Size for a Daybed?

A bigger percentage of daybeds require the ordinary twin-size mattress that measures 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. A few also accommodate the full-size mattress of 75 inches long by 54 inches wide. But a mattress for a trundle bed should not be more than 8 inches thick. 

Can Adults Fit in Daybeds?

Daybeds come in a variety of sizes, including twin and full-size beds. For that reason, it can happily accommodate adults of all heights. 

Do I need a Box Spring with my Daybed?

Most of the daybeds you’ll find on the market don’t require a box spring. Instead, they have numerous slats that support the mattress. However, you can get isolated models that allow for a box spring. 


The best daybeds for adults offer versatile roles, especially for a small room. During the day, you use it as a couch in your office. But when work overwhelms you and you need to take a nap, it comes to your rescue.

Similarly, whether you put it in the guest’s or kid’s bedroom, it still finds a versatile role. Besides, it’s also a piece of decorative equipment for any room.

  • 1. 7 Best Rated Daybeds for Adults Reviews
    • Best Twin Size Daybed – DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered
    • Best Full-Size Daybeds – DHP Dale Upholstered Daybed/Sofa Bed Frame
    • Best Queen Size Daybeds – DHP Sophia Upholstered
    • Daybed with Storage for Adults – Bellemave Full Daybed
  • 2. Best Daybeds with Trundle for Adults          
    • DHP Manila Metal Twin Size Daybed and Trundle
    • Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set
    • Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed Frame and Trundle Frame Set
  • 3. Benefits of Daybeds
    • Space-Saving
    • Offers a Decorative Function
    • Convenient for Nursing Mother and Children
    • Better Room Organization
    • Makes it Easy to Shelter One Night and Sleepover Guests
    • Exists in Varieties
    • Less Risky than Bunk Beds
  • 4. Types of Daybeds Available In the Market
    • Classic Daybeds
    • Trundle Daybeds
    • Canopy Daybeds
    • Sleigh Daybeds
    • Chaise Daybeds
  • 5. What Mattress Types are Good for a Daybed?
  • 6. How to Choose the Best Quality Daybeds for Adults?
    • Intended Purpose
    • Storage Provision
    • Ease of Assembly
    • Design and Style
    • Capacity and Size
  • 7. FAQs
  • 8. Conclusion