10 Benefits of Platform Bed you Should Know

10 Benefits of Platform Bed you Should Know
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Many people are rushing for platform beds of late. But have you ever stopped to wonder why that is so? Platform beds offer many surprising benefits. Below are 10 benefits of platform beds you should know;

Extra storage space

Not all of us have been privileged to live in spacious apartments. But a bedroom needs to be well organized to leave some perimeter space around it. A platform bed helps you to achieve that. When fully assembled it leaves significant underframe clearance. 

Such a space becomes useful for keeping a box or suitcase of items you use less often. Also, some mattress foundations have under-storage drawers. That can be useful for keeping the baby’s clothes close by.

Requires no box spring

The structure of the platform beds is such that it is raised to a sufficient level that requires no box spring. Moreover, metal or wood slats are closely packed and thus provide maximum support. Hence, when you buy it, you make savings since you won’t need a box spring foundation.

Adequate support and mattress foundation

Most platform beds employ slats that are spaced about 3 inches apart. Such spacing ensures that the mattress that rests on the frame gets adequate support. The closely spaced slats ensure that the mattress doesn’t sag. Furthermore, the spacing ensures that the mattress receives adequate air circulation.

The non-sagging ability and free air circulation provided by the platform bed ensure that a mattress’s lifespan is extended.

Available in different styles

Most platform beds are constructed from wood, metal, or a mixture of the two. As a result, they are made in a variety of styles. Therefore, it is easy to find a style that blends well with your room. It doesn’t narrow your choice to one or two designs. Most mattress foundation features impressive detailing on the headboard and footboard.

Offers the flat comfortable sleeping surface

The construction of a platform bed is such that it provides an even sleeping surface. That is because the slats are not only leveled but also, strong to support heavy weights without buckling. As a result, a sleeper will toss and turn on it but still feel comfortable. Such a sleeping area is not only comfortable but healthy too.

Simple to assemble

Although they come disassembled joining platform beds isn’t a difficult task. The bed frames are packaged in a way that they can pass through even narrow passages. Furthermore, all the tools you need to join the frames together form part of the package.

Besides, the package also provides you with simple to follow assembly instructions coupled with diagrams. Hence joining the frames to make the bed becomes an easy task that can be accomplished by even one person.

Stable, strong and durable

A bed is an important piece of an asset in the home that you use daily. Since they take a significant amount of resources, everyone would require a mattress foundation that can last many years.

The low profile, strong jointing at the corners, and the Velcro joining of the slats to the mainframe make these beds mechanically solid. Therefore even the plus-size couple will happily sleep, toss and turn on the bed without causing undue pressure on it.

Improves the aesthetic look of a room

If you need to upgrade the appearance of your room to reflect the luxurious lifestyle, then the platform bed helps you to achieve that. Since the beds don’t require bed skirts, they will blend with different room paintings and give it the modern look.

Provides the right reading or watching posture before sleeping

Many people don’t just go to bed and begin sleeping right away. Such persons do either watch their favorite show or read a novel from the bed. A platform bed, therefore, turns to be handy. It gives you the provision to attach a headboard and a footboard. You can thus lean comfortably as you watch or read a thrilling romantic book before you drift to sleep.


Most platform beds require very minimal materials to make. As a result, they don’t cost a fortune. However, despite the minimal materials, they surprisingly look elegant and hard to resist.

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As you have read above, platform beds offer numerous benefits. No wonder it’s becoming the favorite of many people. From the aesthetic look, extra storage space, and mechanically sound frame the benefits are uncountable.

So have you a platform bed? Make up your mind today and enjoy the benefits listed above!

  • 1. Extra storage space
  • 2. Requires no box spring
  • 3. Adequate support and mattress foundation
  • 4. Available in different styles
  • 5. Offers the flat comfortable sleeping surface
  • 6. Simple to assemble
  • 7. Stable, strong and durable
  • 8. Improves the aesthetic look of a room
  • 9. Provides the right reading or watching posture before sleeping
  • 10. Affordable
  • 11. Conclusion