10 Awesome Best Twin Beds for Kids
10 Awesome Best Twin Beds for Kids

Do you always experience a hard time convincing your kids to go to sleep? Here is one way to go around the problem. Make bedtime worth looking forward to for the children; buy them an awesome twin bed for sale near me. Such beds like the one reviewed here exist in a variety of designs, shapes, and decorations. For example, with Spiderman-like decorations, it’s easier to twist and capture the child’s attention. Below are ten such beds to think of;

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10 Awesome Best Twin Beds for Kids Review

Image Product Details Price
DHP Metal Carriage Dimensions: 88″L x 42.5″W x 30″H
Color: White
Included Components: Headboard, Slat
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Delta Children Upholstered Dimensions: 80″L x 42.12″W x 33.40″H
Color: Blue
Holds up to 350 pounds
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DONCO KIDS Louver Loft Dimensions: 77.88″L x 41.88″W x 43.38″H
Color: Gray
Included Components: Tent Kit, Headboard and Footboard, Hardware
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SimLife Stable Frame Dimensions: 77.5″L x 37.3″W x 35″H
Color: White
Included Components: Headboard, Slat
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Rhomtree Storage Twin Daybed  Dimensions: 75.9″L x 43.5″W x 35.8″H
Color: Espresso
Included Components: twin bed, drawers, twin trundle bed
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DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Dimensions: 75.9″L x 43.5″W x 35.8″H
Color: White, pink
Included Components: Mattress
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House Bed Frame Toddler  Dimensions:
Color: White, pink
Included Components:
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Donco Kids Youth Race Dimensions:
Color: Red
Included Components:
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House Bed with Railings Dimensions:
Color: White
Included Components:
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Costzon Toddler Twin Size Upholstered Dimensions:
Color: Red
Included Components:
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DHP Metal Carriage Twin Lilac Bed Frame

DHP Metal Carriage Twin Lilac Bed Frame
  • When fully assembled it towers 78.5 inches high including the canopy’s height. Even though it boasts a low profile design, it features 8 inches under bed clearance. That doubles as storage space. The canopy makes it easy to fit sheer curtains. With a small headrest and the crown on top of the frame, this twin bed for kid girl features undeniable beauty that every child admires.


  • Sturdy metallic frame
  • Features the trendy and hard to ignore outlook
  • Has the under bed clearance space
  • Boasts pink color that blends with various room décor


  • The canopy frame isn’t strong enough to support a child if he hangs on it
  • Requires a bedspring

Delta Children Upholstered Twin Kid Bed

  • Using sturdy wood, Delta children make strong slats and a frame that can bear a maximum weight of 350 pounds. Then finally the wood bed is clothed with faux leather bearing the ultra-cool graphics of justice league. That makes it child-friendly and comfortable too.

Even its headboard and footboard has comfortable upholstery plus the 3D applique. Furthermore, it’s very easy to assemble. Unlike other beds that require box springs, this Delta Children Upholstered Twin bed for kid boy DC Comics Justice League necessitates no box spring.

When fully assembled it stands on six legs thus guaranteeing unwavering stability. That gives it the ability to hold up to the children’s constant jumps, tossing, or turnings. 


  • Simple to assemble
  • Decorated with lively graphics that are child hooking
  • Sturdy wooden frame
  • Needs no box spring
  • Soft child-friendly edges
  • Holds up to CPSIA requirements


  • Very limited under bed clearance storage space

DONCO KIDS Louver Loft Antique Grey Twin Bed

DONCO KIDS Louver Loft Antique Grey Twin  Bed
  • From strong pine wood, DONCO KIDS comes up with a lovely loft bed. With 4 thick legs, the 74 pound bed balances without any fear. It, therefore, can withstand the playfulness of kids without the danger of toppling over or squeaking. Even though it features pine wood, it has been awarded the antique grey finish thus stands out in a room.

With a side ladder climbing up or down the bed offers no difficulty for your child. With plenty of space below the bed, your kids have more than enough playing are. If you wish it can also double as a storage area. Moreover, the fun blue tent fabric encloses the play area safely.

The lovely bed features closely packed slats thus accepting mattresses directly without the need for a box spring. 


  • Ample and private playground beneath the bed frame
  • Sturdily constructed
  • No need of a box spring
  • Protective side rail keeps the child from falling down
  • Maximizes on space usage


  • Assembly requires two people

SimLife Stable Frame Mattress Foundation 

  • Although it looks simple the SimLife Stable Frame twin bed is strong enough to contain the constant movements of a child. With minimalist features, this foundation bed brings a taste of elegance into the bedroom. The silver finish even makes it more vibrant. 

Its sturdiness is unparalleled as it combines steel tubing and full-length guard rails. On six legs, the metal bed stands with unwavering steadiness. To protect the delicate floor, the legs are capped. To add comfort during sleep, it features a headrest and footrest too. 

With an under bed space of 12.8 inches, it can accommodate even large boxes to store a child’s clothes. The 16 metal slats are closely spaced at 5.3 inches thus won’t allow the mattress to warp down. Owing to the closely packed slats the bed features a maximum carrying capacity of 350 pounds.


  • Flat packaging for easy transportation and assembly
  • Complete metal structure
  • Has middle reinforcement beam
  • Requires no box spring
  • Has lightweight of 46.3lbs
  • Kid twin bed for cheap


  • There is the danger of the mattress slipping off

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Rhomtree Storage Twin Daybed with Trundle

Rhomtree Storage Twin Daybed with Trundle
  • When you’ve got minimal space and many kids in the house, then the Rhomtree Storage Twin Bed for Trundle Daybed is the way to go. It provides you with a double twin bed sleeping area. On top, it features the standard twin bed. Then below it provides a trundle bed of those measures 73.5 x 41.5 X 12.5 inches. Since it employs the pull-out design, you can simply push it in to save on space during the day.

Its entire frame is complete sturdy pine wood with the espresso finish, therefore, making it the heavy duty bed. Owing to its sturdy frame and closely spaced slats it can bear the maximum weight of 300 lbs per bed. Thus it not only fits children but adults too.

Considering its 3 pull out drawers, this twin bed for kid with storage provides ample space to organize your children’s toys and clothes thus create more space in their room


  • A heavy-duty bed that can bear up to 600 lbs weight; 300 lbs per bed
  • You don’t need to buy any box spring to go along with it
  • Two-in-one bed design


  • Trundle bed has no guide or locking mechanism to keep it in place

DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy

DHP Canopy  Metal Bed with Sturdy
  • Even though it features an all-metal structure, the heart scroll decorations displayed on the frame add a dash of elegance to its outlook. Its canopy which propels it to reach 71.5 inches tall also exaggerates its dazzling princess appearance. The white color painting on the frame on the other hand nails the pompous lifestyle portrayed by the twin bed.

The canopy is supported by round final posts on each corner. From this frame, you can hang the sheer curtains to complete the décor of the bedroom. With sturdy metal slats spread all over you can place a mattress directly on this platform bed or use a box spring if you wish. 

Besides, it offers under bed storage space of 11 inches. 


  • Stands out elegantly
  • Made of the sturdy metal frame
  • Good weight capacity of 225lbs


  • Takes longer time to assemble 

House Bed Frame Toddler Bed PREMIUM WOOD

House Bed Frame Toddler Bed PREMIUM WOOD
  • When looking for the best toddler bed, then consider House Bed Frame Toddler Bed. Its whole frame features premium poplar wood. As a result, it features almost no knots thus making it toddler-friendly. The smoothness of the frame also accepts paint easily.

When fully assembled the house bed frame stands 60 inches tall, 52.5 inches in length and 27.5inches wide. Its house frame structure makes it easy to crown the bed with shears curtains or net.  


  • Simple but appealing to the eye
  • Made of premium natural wood
  • The wood frame has smooth edges
  • Sturdy frame 


  • Requires some assembly tools but aren’t provided in the package
  • Comes in plain natural unpainted wood

Donco Kids Youth Race Car Red Bed

Donco Kids Youth Race Car Red Bed
  • Is your child obsessed with race cars? Then the Donco Kids Youth Race Car Bed could be one of the best beds for him. Its whole design and shape resemble a race car. To the child who views bedtime as nightmares, this youth twin bed frame will make him look forward to sleep time.

The race car bed features complete sturdy wood and weighs 92lbs. Despite that weight, it can safely carry over 200lbs. Owing to its MDF board the bed is easy to curve, and thus reflects a car design in all aspects.


  • Features the striking color adored by most kids
  • Its shape truly resemble a racing car
  • The good weight-bearing capacity of over 200lbs
  • Requires very minimal assembly


  • Poor bed clearance storage room; it features an extremely low profile

Twin House Bed with Railings

Twin House Bed with Railings
  • If you’ve got a toddler that is prone to tossing, turning and moving from one corner of the bed to the other then consider having a bed like the Twin House Bed with Railings. In addition to housing the bed, it features a protective railing all-round the bed. Even the extra active kid won’t slip and drop to the floor.

Owing to the bed house frame clothing the structure with sheers curtain is simpler. Although it comes disassembled, putting it up together isn’t difficult. With predrilled holes, screws and the 5 step assembly instruction, joining up the bed becomes a simple act.


  • Features sturdy construction
  • Makes it easy to hang curtains around the bed
  • Protects active sleepers from rolling out of the bed


  • Assembly requires one to have some tools

Costzon Toddler Twin Size Upholstered Platform Bed

Costzon Toddler Twin Size Upholstered Platform Bed
  • This Costzon Toddler Bed has both looks and performances. Its sturdy and stable construction combines mainly three materials; plywood, foam, and PVC. That gives it an extra weight-bearing capacity of up to 350lbs. 
  • The pink finish and the crystal decorations will charm every girl. The low edge bed, rounded edges and non-toxic varnish ensure the safety of your child. The bed makes contact with the ground at several points for maximum stability.

 Its frame features a sturdy eucalyptus block and a premium MDF board. However, with layers of soft density sponge and non-toxic PVC upholstery, it feels comfortable for a child. Besides its, legs won’t leave marks or tar your carpet. 


  • Child-friendly; rounded edges, thick padding, and non-toxic edges
  • Easy to climb in and out of the bed; low bed edge
  • Accommodates the fast growth of children
  • Adjustable feet which are slip-proof too


  • Has no under bed storage provision

Final Word

Consider incorporating the keyword “best twin bed for a toddler” in the following sentence:

There are some of the top awesome beds to consider while shopping, and the best twin bed for a toddler with its charming looks is sure to impress your little ones. You won’t have to drag your child to sleep; he will be looking forward to it! So have you ordered one for your little princess?

10 Best Ideas To Decorate Kid’s Bedroom

What did your bedroom look like as a kid? Probably there was no color or creativity was added to suit your taste and imaginations. Well, the uber-stylish kids of today want more than just a bedroom. You have a choice but to make their room’s suit taste.

Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be quite a task. As they grow up, their taste and preference keep changing; therefore, you have no choice but to keep decorating their room to suit their age. For children, adequate space is vital. You want to create a space that will grow with your child. Avoid a situation where you have to remove other decorations to accommodate new ones.

Make Use Of Open Shelves

Young kids find joy in messing up with everything around them. The best way of avoiding too much mess is to keep their stuff on trays or containers. Have as plenty of open shelves as possible. These cabinets make it easy to locate their staff. Furthermore, you will not have to re-arrange everything when looking for a lost toy in their room. Each shelf or tin should keep things of the same nature in one place.

Utilize The Available Space

If your kid’s room is too small, it does not mean you deny them the happiness of decorating their room. First, align the bed against the wall and create space for decoration. This will open up more playing areas for your child. Also, children feel more secure in a corner since they think they are hiding from the dark.

Wall Decals

This is a perfect way of beautifying your kid’s bedroom, especially if you are living in a rented apartment.  It is best suited in places you are not allowed to alter with the paint. Well, the best way of doing it is to let your kid participate in the whole process of decoration. Let them pick their best position for the decals. Through this, they will own the entire process, and as they get old, they might get tired of the medieval decors in the room, and they will remove them leaving the walls bare or replacing them with new decals. Wall decals are available in any theme; it all depends on your child.

Do A Little Separation

As said earlier, your kids’ tastes and points of view are different. To avoid potential disputes which are typical for kids, create space between their beds. You could use a colorful curtain or something more substantial to mount the two beds. This will also cut down the night time chatter when it’s time for sleep.

Bunk It

Bunk beds are some of the most popular solutions in a shared room. Well, be ready to solve the issue of who sleeps on top and who sleeps down. Make a clear timetable to avoid such disagreements among your kids. Also, bunk beds can be dangerous for your kid, make them understand the dangers of pushing the lower bunk out of its frame, climbing the foundation from the side and attempting to climb down through jumping. Also, discourage the kids from playing on the top bunk

The closet

When constructing a wardrobe in your kid’s room, please bring it to their level and not to your level. Other factors that should be brought to their level are the hanging rods, making it low enough for them. By letting them keep or hang their clothes on their own, you will be instilling a sense of maturity to them.

Shared Does Not Mean Alike

Well, since most kids share bedrooms, do not try and match all their staff to make their room beautiful. Yes, the room will look neat in your eyes, but your kids view it differently. Each child has their taste. Let each one of them choose the most preferred color of their bedding.  To keep the coherence of the room, choose a matching bed for each of the different paints.

Let Their Interests Guide You

Learn to understand what your kids love. From their favorite color, popular cartoon character, insects, or any other thing that your kid loves. Try to incorporate their likes to suit their bedroom theme. It does not have to be complicated as such, a few decals and a comforter are enough to set up the subject of the room. When you keep it simple, you will find it easy to modify the room to suit your child’s taste.

Have Fun

Make the greatest out of the time you spend with your kids. Before you know, they will have grown enough to move out. Don’t make the decoration of your child’s room look like a waste of money that could have been used elsewhere. Your kids deserve everything that you can provide. However, do not go into debt to decorate your kid’s room.

Get In The Zone

Children have to learn more serious things about life. Well, fun is healthy for your kids, but you need to teach them the more severe part of life. In their room, design a small study space for their study. They will have a place to do their homework or read storybooks once they are old enough. Do not complicate things, an adjustable chair and small table will do. You don’t need to complicate your child’s life by making the study space as dangerous as your study table. This will instill discipline and reading culture for your kid.


A kid’s room should be a place to have fun, get creative, and set up countless imaginations for your kid. The organization is critical when it comes to piling toys and clothes. Make your kid’s bedroom a peaceful place for our child. However, do not strain too much to decorate your kid’s bedroom. Make use of the available resources to beautify your kid’s room, including the selection of the best first twin bed for kids. Also, do not make the decoration of your room look like a personal affair. Involve your kid throughout the process of decoration of your room. Let your kid accompany you when going to purchase any adornment for your kid’s room. Best of luck as you look to beautify your kid’s bedroom.

  • 1. 10 Awesome Best Twin Beds for Kids Review
    • DHP Metal Carriage Twin Lilac Bed Frame
    • Delta Children Upholstered Twin Kid Bed
    • DONCO KIDS Louver Loft Antique Grey Twin Bed
    • SimLife Stable Frame Mattress Foundation 
    • Rhomtree Storage Twin Daybed with Trundle
    • DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy
    • House Bed Frame Toddler Bed PREMIUM WOOD
    • Donco Kids Youth Race Car Red Bed
    • Twin House Bed with Railings
    • Costzon Toddler Twin Size Upholstered Platform Bed
  • 2. 10 Best Ideas To Decorate Kid’s Bedroom
    • Make Use Of Open Shelves
    • Utilize The Available Space
    • Wall Decals
    • Do A Little Separation
    • Bunk It
    • The closet
    • Shared Does Not Mean Alike
    • Let Their Interests Guide You
    • Have Fun
    • Get In The Zone
  • 3. Summary